The roots vacuum pump and the relationship between the level before the vacuum pump pumping speed _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

roots vacuum pump pumping speed and the relationship between the level of pumping speed of vacuum water pump before mainly depends on the volume efficiency and pressure difference of the roots vacuum pump. If the volumetric efficiency is low, the roots on net speed of vacuum pump device can break down. If the roots vacuum pump pressure difference over the maximum allowable pressure difference, the compression work will lead to overheated rotor and stuck to. Because of the pump casing to the surrounding ring easily heat is still not too hot.

roots vacuum pump of the maximum allowable pressure differential in the 40 - Between 100 hpa. In the range (high pressure 150hPa) , allow the differential pressure will be somewhat higher, thank you this is because the swept volume is worth, and improved the rotor. Cooling. With the increase of pressure difference, will inevitably increase the required power.

roots vacuum pump installed in the outlet pipe of special gas cooler, the cooling gas backflow can keep the temperature of the rotor within the specified range, so it can increase the maximum allowable differential pressure.

. Within the scope of the vacuum and high vacuum, smoke ratio much use now. When the inlet pressure change is larger or the front-end pressure variable hours, compression ratio is reduced, so the pumping speed ratio more choice.

1。 When the roots vacuum pump is started under high pressure, pressure drops rapidly and achieve the required pressure. Although the startup exceeded the maximum allowable pressure, but short-term overload ( After a few minutes) Normal roots vacuum pump motor does not cause problems. When the inlet pressure is very low or forepump gas ballast valve work, usually using a two stage vacuum pump, otherwise it is difficult to reach the roots vacuum pump needed preloading, and under the pressure in the early stage of the pump pumping speed is too low. This will lead to high compression ratio and reduce the volumetric efficiency.

2。 When the inlet pressure of the pump within the scope of vacuum degree, this is to allow maximum differential pressure become important factors. When the inlet pressure is 15 hpa, roots vacuum pump with the level of the vacuum water pump pump speed ratio of 6:1, and when the inlet pressure is 75 hpa is 2:1. In front of the roots vacuum pump coarse vacuum range and level of the vacuum pump pumping speed ratio, for every situation, usually need to determine a relatively small value respectively. Volumetric efficiency is quite good.

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