The roots vacuum pump advantages _ in smelting metal

by:J&T     2020-05-22

the progress of science and technology, and so did the vacuum smelting technology progress. Traditional methods have been unable to adapt to the development of smelting metal processing needs. Therefore, find a way to reduce gas content; Control of chemical composition, improve the quality of ingot casting, eliminate internal and surface defects, improve the purity of metal. Used in the production of difficult to solution in the production of products by ordinary method. Because of the roots vacuum water pump is widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum casting, vacuum smelting, vacuum degassing, vacuum distillation, vacuum drying, etc. Considering the characteristics and principle of the roots vacuum pump used in smelting metal has become a kind of good choice.

the characteristics of the roots vacuum pump

1. Over a very wide scope of pressure with large pumping speed.

2。 Quick start, can work immediately.

3。 Contains was pumping gas dust and water vapor is not sensitive.

4。 Do not need lubrication rotor, pump cavity without oil.

5。 Small vibration, rotor dynamic balance state, no exhaust valve.

6。 Driving power is small, low mechanical friction loss.

7。 Compact structure, cover an area of an area small.

8。 Low operating and maintenance costs.

working principle of the roots vacuum pump roots pump is a lot of backing pump, vacuum pump, on which they run and need to pump in all industrial vacuum applications.

roots water pump called compression chamber, completely out of contact, without the seal oil or other liquid. Roots vacuum pump is equipped with a bypass valve, need maintenance free of charge.

because of its wide range of inspiratory capacity and high pressure, roots vacuum pump can be customized to become fully backing pump of vacuum system, which enables us to customize for most industrial applications solutions, and high vacuum and high efficiency.

in the inflammable and explosive environment of explosive gas or process of evacuation, pressurization technology based on the concept of mature convection cooling roots pump makes the roots vacuum pump is absolutely safe to run. Due to the advanced industrial design and rigorous testing, roots vacuum pump is designed to meet the demanding and the application of explosive.

roots vacuum pump in the smelting of metal

1, the advantages of metal and alloy gas and inclusion content is greatly reduced, the performance improvement.

2, can accurately control the chemical composition, the performance stability of the alloy.

3。 Improve density, uniformity and plasticity, eliminate the white steel ingot, segregation and cracking.

4, can smelting metal, such as qin, zirconium, such as uranium can't molten metal in the atmosphere. Vacuum pump is widely used in stainless steel, electrical steel, bearing steel, high temperature alloys and refractory metal melting and casting.

vacuum smelting for improving the quality and performance of steel and alloy is of great significance. Roots vacuum pump application in the smelting of metal in the high temperature alloy material has made great progress. Operating temperature of the alloy has increased from about 800 ℃ to 1000 ℃. So far in high temperature melting alloy, precision alloy, refractory metal and its alloy, special physical properties, such as high-quality special steel. A good metallurgical product, composition should be controlled in optimal range, high purity, better casting structure. Vacuum smelting can implement strict composition control, can effectively remove gas, reduce the nonmetallic inclusions, volatile and removing some harmful metal impurity, purity of steel and alloy significantly improve, improve physical and mechanical properties of steel and alloy. Vacuum arc melting and electron beam melting can also obtain good ingot casting structure, further expand the scope of the application of vacuum metallurgy.

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