The reasons for the vacuum pump common faults and the corresponding method

by:J&T     2020-05-31

in recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of economy in our country, the vacuum pump has been widely used in various fields, such as the pharmaceutical preparation, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical industry, electronic industry, scientific research, etc. Machinery and equipment for a long time there will be some trouble. Below small make up for the vacuum pump will be introduced some common fault causes and repair methods.

vacuum pump common fault reasons and the corresponding maintenance method is as follows:

1. Rotary vane be blocked.

the main performance: the friction between the rotor and the pump cavity surface resistance is too big, cannot make motor to drive the rotor.

the reason: the rotor deformation, on the rotor in the spring can't reset, or the force of the spring pressure and rotor itself centrifugal force is too large, lead to friction between the rotor and the water pump cavity surface resistance is

maintenance methods: wheel and spring should be timely repair, if can't repair, should be replaced.

2。 Oil:

mainly in vacuum pump oil window, fuel tank and motor bearing shaft seal gasket.

the reason: these parts of aging and vacuum pump seal failure caused by long time leak.

maintenance methods: replacing the aging oil window, shaft seal, seal, and is full of oil water pump felt pad. After maintenance, flush with vacuum pump oil vacuum pump before filling, and the mesh of clean solvent oil mouth, to keep the tank clean.

3。 The motor is burnt out.

the main performance: engine stator loop burned.

reason: if the instantaneous electric current too big, after long time use in motor bearing wear, lead to bearing friction resistance increases, motor power, temperature, motor burn down. Maintenance methods: check before check the motor coil motor bearings. If the bearing is damaged, please replace; If the motor coil burned, should repair motor, and a winding of the stator wire coil. When bearing and coil seriously damaged, need to replace the motor.

the above content is only 2 be a small part of the vacuum water pump failure, there are other failures. If there are any other malfunction, you can contact professional vacuum pump maintenance personnel, and according to actual circumstances, give the most appropriate vacuum pump maintenance plan.

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