The reason of low efficiency of vacuum pump overload and -

by:J&T     2020-05-27

a, when using a vacuum pump, these problems often lead to motor overload running. Combined with the installation form and working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum water pump overload were analyzed and the reasons for the low efficiency.

( 1) The influence of the base installation of equipment ontology.

equipment foundation installation quality has a great influence on the quality of equipment operation. Shim placed all parts could easily lead to improper equipment of anchor bolt hanging in the air. In the process of calibration and tighten, tighten the anchor bolts will lead to deformation of the crosshead slide in the crankcase, and cross the chute, the reciprocating will be blocked in the process of operation, has led to an increased load.

structure design of piston vacuum pump is at one end of the cylinder, the cylinder body after increase HeJinPai valve piston, cylinder body weight is heavier. If in the basic does not take into account in the design of cylinder block under the bracket or hanger, cylinder will be in a state of suspension. Of every cylinder block will lead to the crankcase and cylinder block and the slide, slide deformation between the concentricity of differences, leading to cross blocked in the process of the reciprocating movement of the slide, blocked in the process of the reciprocating movement of the piston in the cylinder, has led to an increased load.

according to above analysis, the inspection found that the vacuum water pump cylinder side slightly below the crankcase, cylinder gasket is smaller than normal. Tighten the anchor bolts, crosshead slide deformation, which leads to the cross head stuck in a way, the piston moves back and forth inside the cylinder, has led to an increased load. This is one of the reasons for the motor overheating.

( 2) Cylinder and valve coking

influenced by technology, reciprocating pump cylinder body and the body is easy to coking. The coking will lead to the piston and cylinder piston reciprocating motion in the cylinder body are blocked, and increase the load. Body coking can lead to the venting is not good, the valve closed lax, load increase, and the vacuum degree is low. Cylinder clearance of coked collision can also lead to the piston and cylinder and increase the load. Check found cylinder and valve plate coked, this is the main reason for the low vacuum.

2, compared with the common problems and corresponding solutions are as follows:

1. If dongguan vacuum pump temperature is exorbitant, should be in accordance with the manual operation, but not operating correctly. A professional after-sales service or maintenance application.

2。 In article 2, repair the wear parts. If the damaged parts is severe, direct replacement.

3。 Reassemble.

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