The purpose of pit pump and attention points J&T company

by:J&T     2020-04-20
1. Pit pump must be installed on a solid foundation based on the frame or, should not be loose. Second, prior to the start of the inspection: 1. Each connection parts should be fixed; 2. Motor rotation direction should be correct; 3. Clutch is flexible and reliable; 4. Pipe connection is firm, reliable sealing, bottom valve is flexible and effective. 3. Before starting, suction pipe, the bottom valve and pump body must be filled with water, oil pressure gauge with the top of the buffer is full. 4. With the hand rotary piston reciprocating motion twice. If there are no obstructions and line insulation is good, can be started without load. After the start, load will gradually increase after normal operation. 5. In the process of operation, pay attention to each of the sealing device sealing and adjust when necessary. Rod and auxiliary rod should always oil lubrication. 6. Sediment concentration in the slurry should not exceed 10 ℃. 7. Have a variety of speed of mud pump can make the splash lubrication is reliable. It should run every shift in several speed, time not less than 30 seconds. 8. It is forbidden to shift in the process of operation. When need to shift, should stop the water pump. 9. When the abnormal noise or heavy water, in the operation of the abnormal pressure or high temperature obviously, should stop the water pump. 10. Under normal circumstances, the pump should be stop when no load. When the water pump stop for a long time, have to open all the drain, loosen the cylinder head, bar, lift the bottom valve drainage discharge pump body and piping of all the mud. 11. To pit type pump retired for a long time, should be thoroughly clean the mud and oil, make the lubrication oil in the crankcase, and anti-rust and anti-corrosion measures. A: aluminum submerged pump sewage pump parsing the next article: summary of long shaft submerged pump
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