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by:J&T     2020-04-27
Magnetic pump is formed on the surface of stainless steel is very thin and strong and stable rich chromium oxide film ( Protective film) , to prevent the oxidation of the oxygen atoms to penetration and continue to gain the ability to resist corrosion. For some reason, thin film has been destroyed, air or liquid in the oxygen atoms of iron will continue to penetrate or metal atoms will continue to separate, forming loose ferric oxide, metal surface will rust. There are many kinds of form, the surface coating damage is common in everyday life as below: 1. The surface of the stainless steel magnetic pump with attached on top of other metal elements of dust or other metal particles. In the humid air, adhesive materials and stainless steel the condensed water between the two connected into micro battery, so as to generate electricity. In chemical reaction, the protective membrane was damaged, this is called the electrochemical corrosion. 2, the surface of stainless steel magnetic pump attached organic juice ( Such as melon, noodle soup, glutinous rice, etc. ) , in the case of water and oxygen, organic acid, organic acid corrosion of metal surfaces for a long time. 3. Adhered on the surface of the stainless steel magnetic pump acid, alkali and salt ( Such as caustic soda and lime spattered on the wall) , cause local corrosion. 4. The pollution in the air ( Contains a lot of sulfur, carbon oxide, the atmosphere of nitrogen oxides) , in the case of condensation water, will form a strong acid, nitric acid, ethyl acid, caused by chemical etching. All of these conditions will lead to the surface of the stainless steel magnetic water pump protective film corrosion and rust. Therefore, in order to ensure that the metal surface * bright and not rust, suggested users: 1. Must often clean swab and decorative stainless steel surface, to remove sediment external factors. 2, coastal areas should use 316 stainless steel, 316 materials can resist sea water corrosion. 3. Some of the chemical composition of stainless steel tube on the market can't meet the corresponding national standards, can't satisfy the requirement of 304 material. Therefore, it can also cause rust, which requires the user to carefully choose reputable manufacturers of stainless steel magnetic pump product. The previous: summary of vertical pipe pump next article: fluorine plastic magnetic water pump structure parsing
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