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by:J&T     2020-04-10
Sludge screw pump is a single-screw rotary water pump volume. Sludge principle of screw water pump is the use of double screw bushing in the rotation of the eccentric single screw, make the concentration of slurry along the spiral flute from suction moved to export, transport the sludge screw pump function. Sludge was introduced in detail the working principle of screw pump, and performance. Sludge using the rotation of the screw pump to absorb and discharge the liquid. Screw is driven by a prime mover among active screw, on both sides of the screw is to follow a screw, and active screw backward rotation. The main thread and driven screw thread for double thread. Due to the lining of the screw meshing and screw and the lining closely, the inlet and outlet of the sludge of the screw pump suction will be separated into one or more of the sealed space. With the rotation of the screw and meshing, the sealed space in pump suction side form, inside of the liquid in the suction chamber is sealed in each space continuous liquid along the screw axis from the suction chamber discharge to the discharge end, like a nut screw rotates constantly move forward, this is the basic working principle of screw pump sludge. The previous: filter press special pump working principle is what? Next article: health food grade screw pump products overview
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