The principle diagram of the screw vacuum pump and the factors influencing the price of _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

more types of vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump is one of the very popular type, before the choose and buy, need to understand the principle, the price can better use the product to choose products.

screw vacuum water pump diagram is 1, it is to use a pair of screw, the screw vacuum pump cavity high-speed synchronous running in the opposite direction, using synchronous gear transmission of counter-rotating bite out of touch with each other about the high-speed rotating screw, two rotor and the pump body, plus side cover together constitute the several extraction equipment of the suction or discharge effect. The air chamber from the inlet side of the vacuum water pump to regularly vent side move, send out by low speed spin flow of gas. Continuous operation will not change the flow of gas, within limits, the entrainment of the gas may be tiny particles and pumping out of steam.

2, using the pump casing and pitch spiral, spiral groove space into multiple space, gas in each groove equal to transmit motion, without compression, only screw at the end of the spiral structure of gas compression effect. Screw is formed between pressure gradient and at all levels to disperse pressure difference and improve the compression ratio.

3, inspiratory, screw vacuum pump Yang rotor according to counterclockwise, Yin screw clockwise rotation.

4, compressed, transfer in capillary is exhaust ends. Yang rotor along the clockwise, Yin in the counterclockwise.

5, exhaust: after volume between tooth and exhaust orifice connected, begin to exhaust. As the volume shrinking, between tooth with exhaust pressure of gas through the exhaust orifice was gradually.

screw vacuum pump affect the price of four aspects:

1, regional. Now most domestic products are faced with accessory not technology, are not fitting, because the raw material for the regional problem, screw vacuum pump prices is uneven.

2, pump body made of nodular cast iron and grey cast iron. Nodular cast iron mechanical strength, good plasticity and toughness, wear resistance requirement is higher.

3, screw vacuum pump technology. High technical maturity, high standard production equipment to produce products of the performance of stability, reliability and service life are affected.

4, the quality of the parts. Screw vacuum pump is mainly composed of filter, billiard, exhaust hood, and other accessories, the quality of these parts directly affect the price of it.

screw vacuum pump price also will change with the change of price, specific quotation consult factory. Screw vacuum pump by screw, realizes the high speed of operation, and generate vacuum, maintain good air pressure. Stable operation, does not produce vibration, energy conservation, environmental protection, worthy of your choice.

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