The principle and energy saving method of centrifugal pump _

by:J&T     2020-05-24

a centrifugal pump is mainly composed of casing, impeller, suction and pressure piping and seals and other parts, the biggest advantage is, simple structure, small volume, easy maintenance and high efficiency.

multistage centrifugal pump with the same function with multistage centrifugal water pump is two or more fluid channel structure of multistage centrifugal pump groups together, in the first level of outfalls in the medium of communication and the entrance of the second stage is linked together, the performance of the secondary discharge medium inlet pressure port and the third level connection, these institutions in tandem, to form a multistage centrifugal pump.

multistage centrifugal pump is in order to improve the set pressure. The working principle of centrifugal pump

a centrifugal pump, the working principle is through the motor to drive the impeller is up and running, the pump shell filled with fluid, but the rotation of the impeller in liquid in the impeller is submerged in the process, the impeller rotation, the centrifugal force to leave the liquid will be thrown into the impeller outer edge and gathering of liquid in the pump housing discharge channel were finally introduced the catheter.

centrifugal pump energy saving method 1, when the choice of a centrifugal pump, under the premise of considering the cost and benefit of high efficiency, trying to use the program.

2, about the key parts such as impeller centrifugal pump, pump, pump cover, the diverter ( The vertical axis water pump) Or producers, such as the influence of pump efficiency, particularly the impeller of the airfoil, outlet Angle, blade dividing, the shape of the flow channel, and other quality control finish.

3, in the process of production on-site installation and debugging, to ensure the water pump base solid, and the driver is safe and feasible for good, before and after the valve switch flexible and reasonable pipeline design and site control, complete and accurate monitoring instrument of each operation to ensure the pump process can continue running real-time monitoring.

4, pay attention to the inspection equipment in normal minor repair, overhaul period, to deal with the inspection and replacement parts, ensure the long-term safe operation efficient centrifugal pump.

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