The pipeline pump valve door, jam fault solution have?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Used in industrial automation instrument, pipeline water pump, control valve is one of the commonly used, combined with simple structure and is often not taken seriously by people. It is, however, in the process piping, complex working conditions, once appear problem, because of its heavy, problems are hard to find, often do not please painfully, involving system put into operation, the system completely, the regulating quality, environmental pollution, etc. A, how to prevent the pipe valve stuck or jam? 1, the installation of pipeline filter method for small diameter of the regulator, especially ultra-small flow regulating valve, the throttling clearance, small, medium can't have a little residue. Encounter this jam, installation of a strainer before valve line, to ensure that the media to go through. Take use of regulating valve locator, locator is not normal work, the pneumatic throttle mouth jam is a common fault. With locator at work, therefore, must deal with gas source, usually adopts the way is in front of the locator air pipe installed on the air filtering pressure reducing valve. 2, cleaning method of common fault: pipeline welding slag, rust, pulp are under the throttle mouth, guiding parts, valve cover balance hole blockage or stuck valve core surface, guide surface strain and scratches, seal surface indentation, etc. This often happens in the early new operation system and put into operation after overhaul. Encounter this situation, it is necessary to remove for cleaning, remove the slag content, such as the sealing surface damage should also grinding; At the same time open the bottom plug to flush out from under the balance hole fall into the residue inside the valve cover, and the pipeline to wash. Before put into operation, let the valve fully open, the medium flows into normal operation again after a period of time. 3, medium flushing method using their energy flushing, flushing and take things easy to precipitate, easy to jam, thus improve the function of valve stem. Common methods include: puts throttling mouth wash bad place, adopted should pay attention to improve the throttling parts material erosion resistant ability. 4, through to the Angle through to pour S flow, flow complex, upper and lower chamber should dead zone, provides the medium of precipitation. Angle connection, flows through 90 ℃ medium like elbow, washing performance is good, dead zone is small, easy, designed to streamline. Therefore, using the pass-through regulator slight jams can be used to Angle valve. 5, external flushing method for some easy to precipitate, medium containing solid particles using ordinary valve adjustment, often at the throttle mouth jam, guide, can the cover bottom plug in an external erosion gas and steam. When the valve is blocked or jammed, open an external gas or steam valve, can be completed in under the condition of fixed regulator flush work, make the normal operation of valve. 6 solid particles, increase the throttle gap method such as the medium or washed off in pipe welding slag and rust due to pass the throttle mouth such as jam, jam, such as fault, can convert the throttle gap big throttling parts & ndash; Throttling area of a window, open the valve core and the sleeve, rather than the circumference of a circle because of the throttling area of concentration distribution, fault can easily be ruled out. If you are single, two-seat valves can change the plunger type valve core to & other; V” Shape of the mouth valve core, or into a sleeve valve, etc. Second, how to prevent the regulator leaked? 1, change the extensive use of the four fluorine filler graphite packing method, because of its work in - 20 ~ + 200 ℃ temperature range, when the temperature, lower limit, change is bigger, its sealing is markedly reduced, aging fast, short service life. Flexible graphite packing can overcome these shortcomings and long service life. Therefore some factory all change the ptfe packing to graphite packing, even new to buy back the regulator will also be one of the four fluorine used after packing into graphite packing. But using graphite packing return difference is big, the early some still produce the crawling phenomenon, which must be considered. 2, most of the replacement of sealing gasket sealing gasket is still use the asbestos board, at high temperatures, sealed performance is poor, life is short, cause leaks. Encounter this kind of circumstance, can convert wound gaskets, & other; O” Ring, etc. , and now many plants have been used. 3, change flow direction, P2 on the stem end when the delta P method is larger, P1 and large seal P1 obviously difficult than seal P2. Can take change flow direction method, therefore, will be P1 to P2 on the stem end on the stem end, the high pressure, differential pressure valve is more effective. Usually should be considered as bellows valve seal P2. 4, the lens gasket sealing method is adopted for the upper and lower cover seal, seal seat with upper and lower body. If the plane sealing, under high temperature and high pressure, the sealing is poor, cause leakage, can use lens gasket seal, can get satisfactory results. 5, increase sealing grease method of unused sealing grease valve, can consider to increase the sealing grease to improve stem seal performance. 6, increasing the packing method to improve the packing of the valve stem seal performance, can be used to increase packing method. Usually adopt double, multi-layer mixed packing form, simply increasing the number, such as between 3 to 5 pieces, the effect is not obvious.
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