The performance characteristics of vacuum negative pressure in the vacuum system -

by:J&T     2020-05-25

vacuum negative pressure station based on vacuum tank vacuum storage devices of the system. It has good performance and USES. Compared with the traditional equipment, the equipment is greatly saves a lot of costs. The following will introduce the characteristics and working principle of the vacuum system.

a, working principle of the vacuum suction station

1. Set the upper and lower limits of the vacuum system. After system boot, including one vacuum pump will begin to work, until the vacuum degree above - vacuum tank 0. The upper limit of 08 million mpa, the operation will automatically stop. The vacuum tank vacuum will be automatically check valve automatically cut off.

2。 If the work needs, the vacuum degree of vacuum tank below - 0. Lower limit value of 06 million mpa, and the other one will start automatically, until the vacuum degree of vacuum tank is pumped to - 0. The upper limit of 08 million mpa, the loop will automatically run repeatedly, to keep the vacuum degree of vacuum tank between upper limit and lower limit.

3。 Pumping amount for frequent use vacuum source and need not too big occasions, using vacuum suction station system than the direct use of vacuum pump energy saving a lot of, greatly improving the service life of the vacuum pump.

2, vacuum suction station performance characteristics

1. After the start:

the whole operation process can realize full automatic control. In the process of operation, all parts of the vacuum system vacuum fluctuates up and down in the allowed range, range can be adjusted according to the needs of users. If the vacuum degree is lower than the set value, alarm will be issued a warning.

2。 The station is equipped with water separator, can save water, reduce environmental pollution.

3。 Under the condition of the unmanned automatic control system, vacuum system can automatically shut down when power outage.

if you want to buy a high quality vacuum negative pressure station, you must first understand the performance and working principle of the equipment. Only in this way, can you know what criteria are used to select the equipment. Daily maintenance to improve the service life of equipment.

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