The operation of the roots vacuum pump and the influence factors of low - speed

by:J&T     2020-05-21

the structure of the roots vacuum water pump advantage:

1. room without filling, sealing and lubrication, oil can reduce the pollution of the vacuum system of steam.

2。 room without compression and exhaust valve. Simple and compact structure, is not sensitive to suction dust and water vapor.

3。 Low compression ratio, hydrogen absorption effect is poor;

4。 In the pumping speed of big wide pressure range;

5。 Rotor with good geometrical symmetry, small vibration, stable running. The rotor and clearance between rotor and shell, so there is no need to lubrication, low friction loss, driving force can be greatly reduced, so as to accelerate.

6。 The rotor surface is a complex surface, it is difficult to machining and testing.

roots vacuum pump is not the cause of the high speed:

1. The roots vacuum pump inlet and exhaust through the operation of the valve. If the speed is too high, the air valve to keep running. Vacuum increase. At the same time, the serious influence pump valve, increase equipment wear and tear.

2。 The device itself will be vibration. If the speed increase, the vibration of each component will increase, resulting in adverse impact.

3。 Alternatively, if the speed is high, short stroke under certain pump speed, and valve cylinder diameter is too small, not clearance volume will increase, and the pipeline of pipeline compression and expansion will be changed. It is very short, will do nothing to improve the vacuum degree. In order to maintain the vacuum, the machine must have a low stroke and long stroke.

4。 After the speed increase, the balance of the roots vacuum pump balance channel role becomes not obvious, the gas is not balance in time, can reduce the influence of the clearance volume, thus affecting vacuum degree.

factors affecting the operation of the roots vacuum pump

1. Working steam and dry: low steam pressure and pressure fluctuation has a great influence on the capacity of the vacuum pump, so the steam pressure should not be below the required pressure. Otherwise, roots pump will not be able to indirectly, lead to lower efficiency.

2。 Cycle: cooling water is in short supply, condenser heat, air flow noise increases, vacuum fell sharply, the steam also returned to the exhaust pipe, affect the work efficiency of the equipment.

3。 Sealing the roots vacuum pump system: when the roots pump in limit state, shear machine discharge water rarely, sometimes not even. As a result, a large number of water pump discharge once upon a time, this can be considered to be the system leakage. If leakage occurs, the working efficiency of the equipment must be very high.

4。 Nozzle: the nozzle is an important part of a vacuum pump performance, but because of its operating characteristics and jams, affect the work efficiency of the equipment.

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