The new: about basic knowledge of the pump is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-21
pump type many, the novice just contact the industry, what don't understand the situation, and many users under the leadership knew nothing about the pump is, the basic knowledge of the following water pump can let you know. A, what is the pump? The pump is the prime mover's mechanical energy into a mechanical pumping liquid energy. Second, what is the distinguishing feature of chemical pump? 1, can meet the requirements for chemical process; 2, corrosion resistance; High temperature resistant, low temperature; Wear-resisting, scouring resistance; Reliable operation; No leak or leak less 3, can handle liquid of critical state; Has good cavitation performance of pump flow is three, what? Use what symbol? Flow is refers to the unit time through the pipe a cross section of fluids ( Volume or quality) 。 flow with & other; Q” Said. Four, what is the pump lift? Use what symbol? Lift is refers to the unit weight of fluid energy gained by the increment. lift & other; H” Said. 5, what is power? The work done, per unit time is called power. 6, what is the effective power? Removal of mechanical energy loss and consumption, liquid through the pump to get the actual power per unit time, is called the effective power. Seven, shaft power is what? The power of the motor to the pump shaft, called the eight, why is the motor shaft power to pump power is always greater than the effective power of the pump? 1, the centrifugal pump in operation, the part of the pump with high pressure liquid to flow back to the entrance of the pump, even outside the pump leakage, so it must be part of the energy loss; 2, when the liquid flows through the impeller and the pump shell, the change of flow direction and speed, as well as the mutual impact between the fluid and so on are also part of the energy consumption; 3, pump shaft and the bearing and the mechanical friction between the shaft seal part of energy consumption; Therefore, the motor to shaft power is always greater than the effective power. 9, what is the total efficiency of the pump? The effective power of the pump and the ratio of the shaft power, is the overall efficiency of the pump. Should be done before ten, chemical pump overhaul processing? Must stop before 1, machinery, equipment maintenance, temperature, pressure, cut off power supply; 2, inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive medium of machinery, equipment, maintenance must be carried out before cleaning, neutralization, displacement analysis detection qualified rear can construction; 3, maintenance of inflammable, explosive, poisonous, corrosive medium or steam equipment, machinery, piping, must cut off material, inlet valve, and added a blind flange. Eleven, common mechanical pump according to the principle of work is divided into several categories? 1, vane pump: the pump shaft rotates to drive all kinds of impeller blades to the liquid to centrifugal force and axial force, conveying liquid to a pipe or container, such as centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, vortex pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump. 2, positive displacement pump: the pump cylinder volume content of the product the continuous change of conveying liquid pump, reciprocating pump, piston pump, gear pump, screw pump; 3, other types of pumps. Such as the use of electromagnetic transmission liquid electric conductor electromagnetic pump; Using the fluid energy to transport a liquid pump, such as injection pump or air lift device.
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