The leak detection method and application of vacuum system -

by:J&T     2020-05-26

many factories have increased the vacuum water pump system, but we don't know how to operate the vacuum leak detection system. Today we will introduce definition and method.

one, the definition of the leakage rate and unit

for container volume v, pressure changes in the delta p per unit time and the product of the container volume v for leakage rate:

* delta p/q = v delta t

common leak rate for units: pa. m/s、mbar. l/s、torr. L/s

leakage rate actually reflects the number of leakage gas molecules within a certain time. Strictly speaking, a system without leakage is not

there are. The purpose of leak detection is to control the leakage rate of acceptable level, without affecting the normal operation of the system.

several kinds of leak detection method and application of vacuum system

( 1) Bubble method of leak detection

will suppress good specimens immersed in the water tank or use soap bubble method. Bubbles can reflect the leakage rate. This method is usually used to test a few small items. For example, the process gas leak detection, gas distribution plate target leak detection, leak detection, magnetic control arc source water leak detection, vacuum chamber water-cooled leak detection, etc. Although not the size of the quantitative detection of leakage rate, to determine whether there is leakage, is a very simple and effective method for leak detection.

( 2) Pressure drop method of leak detection

increased positive pressure or vacuum specimen to certain pressure, and then close the valve, vacuum gauge observation unit time through the pressure change. Vacuum pressure drop method can be used to evaluate leakage rate. Leak detection is a very important technical indicators, can be used as equipment acceptance standard.

( 3) Test of gas leakage

gas detection methods can be divided into: ammonia leak detection method, the halogen leak detection method and the helium mass spectrometer leak detection method, the helium mass spectrometer leak detection method is the most commonly used and the most common. Compared with other gas, helium has many advantages, such as: nonflammable, nontoxic, the price is right, very light, chemically inert, and small gas molecules.

using the leak detector: the note

to master proper injection time.

the order of the leak detection. From top to bottom, from far to near.

need to be calibrated before use.

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