The inside of the pulp and paper industry how to use the rotary vane vacuum pump _

by:J&T     2020-05-16

rotary vane vacuum pump is indispensable technology industrial system, because they are used for aerospace and military, photovoltaic power generation and other areas. At present, the vacuum technology brought to the attention of the countries all over the world, vacuum equipment, technology, materials and accessories has broad market prospects. So, how rotary-vane vacuum water pump are used in the papermaking industry? Today, I will introduce you to rotary-vane vacuum pump application in papermaking industry and choice.

in the process of pulp and paper technology, vacuum dewatering method can be applied to the process, and use of the rotary-vane vacuum pump vacuum is commonly used in papermaking dehydration method. Use of rotary-vane vacuum pump are used effectively reduce paper costs and improve the quality of the paper is the advantage of the products.

in the papermaking process need vacuum dewatering process is what?

1, crude starch syrup machine

pulp washing machine can produce inside the drum vacuum, the vacuum allows material adhesion to the drum surface and allows operation in the drum in the pulp slurry wash off the black liquor from the material.

2, sediment filter

level of sediment filter is in the pulp and paper mill drum filter, which can be generated inside the drum vacuum conditions to collect particles from the green liquid.

3, vacuum dryer

vacuum dryer can be used for raw material preparation stage, the dehydration. It is a kind of horizontal drum filter, which can realize the proportion of the pulp dehydration, and improve the raw material concentration.

4, pulp box compressor or vacuum pump

flow compressor or vacuum pump for slurry tank pulp box. Through a series of valves, pressure or vacuum can be added to the flow of slurry box to control the material in the raw material tank discharge rate.

5, suction box

suction box used in forming part of the paper, and can directly from the pulp of dehydration. Rotary vane vacuum pump used in the chest in a vacuum chamber.

6, drum

couch roll is important dehydration part of paper formation stage, and a rotatable porous shell, the shell can be one or two vacuum area.

7, vacuum pressing

the vacuum press machine to extract water from paper. Paper machine usually has a one to three crushing zone, when the transmission and pad of paper, water is pressed into the press felt.

8, blowout box

the bellows before the paper is to transfer are fixed, and can be used for vacuum in the upper area of the press section.

in general, the papermaking production line standards pumpability is certain, but in order to reduce the energy consumption and save production cost, the choice of the vacuum pump is especially important. For papermaking industry, usually using rotary vane vacuum pump instead of water ring vacuum pump. Therefore, comparing the economic benefits of rotary-vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum water pump is the most important of the paper manufacturers. Of course, this will also be involved in the choice of the rotary-vane vacuum pump.

in addition to the 'how to use in the papermaking industry rotary vane vacuum pump? 'Besides, this paper also analyzed how to correctly choose vacuum water pump.

first of all, you need to fully understand the composition of pumping gas.

2。 From the vacuum pump to discharge oil vapor is influential to the environment.

3。 Vacuum equipment parts material requirements.

4。 Vacuum pump vibration of work.

5。 Limiting vacuum of vacuum pump.

6。 Accurate combination vacuum pump.

7。 The selected vacuum pump price, operation and maintenance costs.

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