The influence of magnetic pump seal?

by:J&T     2020-05-25

no leak is the pursuit of chemical equipment industry, it is the requirement for the application of the magnetic pump and screen pump increasingly expanded, but really do not leak is still a long way to go, such as magnetic pump isolation sets of shielding and shielding pump sets the life of the problem, the material of the pitting corrosion problem, the reliability of static sealing and so on, are some of the basic situation introduction on seal.

1, the magnetic pump seal material chemical water pump the static sealing materials generally adopts the fluorine rubber, special situation to adopt ptfe material; Mechanical seal ring materials configuration is the key activity, not carbide carbide is best, the price is high on the one hand, both no hardness difference is not reasonable, so it's best to discriminate based on the medium. ( Note: the American petroleum institute API 610 version 8 typical configuration of mechanical sealing and piping system are detailed in appendix D)

2, magnetic pump seal form for static seal, usually only seal and seal two forms, and sealing ring with o-rings used most widely; For dynamic seal, chemical pump packing seal, is scarcely used to is given priority to with mechanical seal, mechanical seal and single face and double face, equilibrium and non-equilibrium model, equilibrium model is suitable for high pressure sealing medium ( Usually refers to the pressure is greater than 1. 0MPa) , double end face machine is mainly used for high temperature, easy to crystallization, viscosity, and toxic volatile medium including particle, double end face machine sealing should be added spacer to the sealed cavity, the pressure is generally higher than that of medium pressure 0. 7 ~ 0. 1MPa。

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