The high temperature of pump - how to solve

by:J&T     2020-05-28

have optional vacuum, vacuum pump, therefore, sometimes using a pump can not consider of pumping air into vacuum state, must be several types of pump, fill with each other to consider vacuum. Such as titanium sublimation pump for hydrogen has high pump efficiency, but can't take helium, and three pole type accidentally ion pump, ( Or diode type asymmetric encryption accidentally negative ion pump) For argon pump efficiency to a certain extent, the composition, vacuum pump device will get good vacuum value.

high temperature vacuum water pump: low work speed, air pressure, exhaust air volume is small. CLP motor output power is big, work flow, calorific value is big. Fan impeller number is less, caused by the exhaust air volume is small. Vacuum pump motor belongs to the mother phase voltage 380 v, because cable pressure drop and load dispatch is not well, the motor working voltage 369 v only, specific place to add slightly lower working voltage in operating electrical flow. Motor with dust, grease, reduce the heat pipe cooling capacity.

solution: motor output power, rotational speed ratio is and vacuum pump, you can't change. A cooling fan installed on the motor spindle bearing, motor speed ratio decision work speed, also cannot be moved around. Improve total fan impeller can have certain effect, but the total number of leaves increase, the rotor dynamic balance is not easy to find, such as looking for is not so good, will cause the motor vibration. The original cooling fan cover 40 cm long in modified inside a diameter of axial flow fan with cooling fan cover, axial flow fan motor output power 850 w, speed to 1489 r/min, working voltage 380 v. The original cooling fan to save again. Axial flow fan clothing school all the way of setting up control switch power supply, no axial flow fan and the main motor chain. Vacuum pump starting immediately after starting the axial flow fan operation, vacuum pump stop running 30 min after operation axial flow fan, make the main motor to adequate cooling; Eliminate the dust on the motor on time, to maintain clear electric radiator, increase its heat pipe heat dissipation ability; The vacuum pump belongs to the mother phase voltage is 400 v.

so that when the pump is going to stop, to avoid vacuum pump oil retreated to be smoke vessels, inline pump stop return oil proof device is the key. Avoid stopping pump return oil by gas and fuel pipe to keep the fusion, common ways are:

set a stop on secure channel inlet pump oil return equipment.

stop pump in oil on manipulating the oil return equipment.

vacuum pump against the basic principle of return oil transfer pump: photographs of the oil return equipment, two-way maintenance, does not return oil, to ensure the safety of the ultrafiltration device.

a: maintenance protective valve when the pump is going to turn off the ultrafiltration device;

maintenance 2: when the pump is going to stop, turn off the fuel pipe and pump chamber.

vacuum pump operation period, the manipulation of the piston rod at the top of the steam pressure effect under the yellow maintain sealing. Because of anti breath valve disc weight at lower part, Gate valve open) 。 after shutdown, steam pressure is reduced, huang will manipulate the piston rod upwards crest. So in the automotive fuel tank and prevent breath valve piston rod in the middle of a channel. Above for vacuum pump control back to the basic principles of oil transfer pump in detail, in comparison with yellow to manipulate the return valve of the vacuum pump, speck vacuum pump oil return effect is stronger, repair rate is low, maintenance more simple.

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