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by:J&T     2020-04-11
Fluorine plastic magnetic water pump characteristic is simple, reliable, durable. Under normal circumstances water pump, generally does not require regular maintenance. I think the fluorine plastic pump maintenance should be paid attention to a few key areas: first, it, rolling: when in the long run, bearing wear to a certain extent, must be replaced. Then before sealing ring, sealing ring: when the ring is worn to a certain degree, should be replaced. Found sound magnetic pump, should immediately stop check. When to stop using magnetic water pump, close the valve, pressure gauge, then stop the motor. With hundreds of hours of work for an oil change within a month, magnetic pump, every 500 hours later, the oil change at a time. Frequent adjustment of packing gland, packing room, to ensure normal water ( Drop out if applicable) 。 Regular inspection easy wear sleeve, larger wear should be replaced. In winter, the parking lot magnetic pump, pump low emission plug, need to unscrew the media put net. To prevent cracking. Magnetic pump stopped for a long time, need all stainless steel magnetic pump apart, dry water, with the rotating parts of the grease and feeds properly kept. A: on the running stability of the vertical pipe pump next article: explosion-proof vortex pump maintenance and storage
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