The elements of roots vacuum pump rotating speed ratio is too low and the preparation before operation

by:J&T     2020-05-21

today guys sharing of expertise: the elements of the roots vacuum pump rotating speed ratio is too low and the preparation before operation.

a, roots vacuum pump operation preparations before the

1. Check the pump storage tank level gauge whether do above 3/4 of the storage tank, if not then added.

2。 Check the water used in the water is clean, not allowed to use waste water with sand, in case of blocking pipe, leading to damage of impeller, expand the motor load result in common faults, endangering the life of the pump.

3。 Check right in the middle of main pump and pump pump body grease oil level height to width ratio, be sure to reach the oil mark 3/4 above, in addition to check the color of the grease, roots vacuum pump milk white or colored particles less announcement equipment repair conversion grease.

4。 Check the right in the middle of main pump and pump circulation cooling circulating water channel is intact, open cycle cooling system circulating water gate, import and export trade check if circulatory cooling water in and out of all normal.

5。 Check the middle pump on the bottom of the tank filter valve is turned off.

6。 Check the roots vacuum pump generator power supply circuit is in good condition and control box of labeling, etc. Are all normal.

7。 Check vacuum water pump unit level electrical contact point barometer primary water pump, main pump starting work pressure is normal.

2, roots vacuum pump maintenance method

1. Operators must master the surface of the machinery and equipment, pump, and the parts.

2。 If produce abnormal phenomenon after open the switch power supply, please immediately clean up or off to search for.

3。 Cryogenic fluid pressure should be 0. 1 to 0. 2 mpa, middle temperature 45 ℃ or less.

4。 Before starting each stove, please check the maintenance to the tank volume of the tank, and changing a tank, fill gas in case.

5。 From beginning to end to check back to the amount of each parts, and to ensure that every parts in operation on the whole process has enough coolant.

6。 Air compressor working pressure of 0. 4 - 0. 5Cpa。

3, lead to the elements of the roots vacuum pump rotating speed ratio is too low

1. Human error: a lot of customers destroyed initial roots vacuum pump motor, lead to coordinate with other motor at work, lead to less traffic, reduce or couldn't absorb water pump;

2。 Mechanical equipment is common faults: the impeller and the pump shaft fixed nut loose, pump shaft deformation, many move, impeller and the pump shell friction, rolling bearing damage, roots vacuum pump rate reduced.

3。 Belt damage: there are a lot of large and medium-sized circle diagram of the mechanical pump belt, long-term application of belt damage lead to loose and drag, and reduce the rate of SK mechanical pump,

4。 Don't record the engine maintenance: motor rolling line is damaged, repair roll line number, during the whole process line, change the way of walking wire, or maintenance can't wipe out the elements of common faults during the whole process, the rate at which you can also change the roots vacuum pump;

5。 Installation is wrong: pulley management center is small or two axis is not parallel surface, drive belt firmly installed beside, cause gas Angle is small, the pulley diameter calculation error and biaxial mechanical pump shaft axial spacing is very big, will produce the transition of the roots vacuum pump rate.

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