The electric car market analysis - vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-06-04

the vacuum braking system is mainly used in turbo engine, automatic transmission vehicles and electric vehicles. Vacuum booster effect of brake system is related to the car driving safety. In the automobile brake booster system, vacuum booster cannot obtain vacuum or vacuum is insufficient, can lead to the braking system help the effect not beautiful. Electric vacuum pump can be through the change of the vacuum degree in vacuum booster sensor monitoring, to ensure that the driver under various conditions can provide enough power.

application state

for the electric car, engine machine, no vacuum booster, which does not produce power effect. Obviously, the vacuum booster cannot guarantee for necessary auxiliary driver at this time. The safety of the electric car driving has become a must solve the problem. Electric vacuum pump can be through the sensor detection and logical judgment to solve this problem well. The use of electric water pump can ensure booster inside the vacuum degree in a certain level, so as to provide a good braking efficiency, ensure driving safety.

according to different structure, the electric vacuum water pump can be divided into three types: diaphragm, vane and swinging piston.

each electric vacuum pump has its own advantages and disadvantages and use characteristics. At present there are three widely used electric vacuum pump, can be used according to different requirements to choose the appropriate models, such as the supercharger volume and cost requirements, service life, noise situation.

at present, the vane vacuum water pump has small, without consuming engine power consumption, stable performance, etc. 1 is the future. 8 t the following small cars and hybrids and pure electric vehicles, in the future new lightweight technology, new process and new trends.

in the long run, the electronic brake system will be a big trend. Both electric vehicles and the traditional fuel cars, this technology will become an important development direction. At present, foreign leading companies already have mature product.

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