The efficiency of the screw vacuum pump by what factors -

by:J&T     2020-06-30

screw vacuum pump efficiency and various areas all and other factors on the quality of the mechanical water pump. High efficiency, its performance is strong, the function of exhaust pipe can be obviously improved. What factors would endanger the screw vacuum pump efficiency?

1。 Steam pressure: lower steam pressure and fluctuation pressure immediately endanger screw vacuum pump vacuum ability. Provisions steam pressure shall not be lower than pressure. In order to guarantee the stability of steam pressure in the supply and demand balance of heating furnace, using professional show steam jet pump working steam heating furnace.

2。 Cooling circulating water circulation system: if the cooling circulating water in short supply, cooler will heat up, cyclone noise will increase, vacuum value will decline rapidly, steam will return to the suction pipe, thus condensed water temperature should be lower than work under the pressure of temperature cycles.

3。 Vacuum temperature: according to the theory, the lower the temperature, vacuum pumping, the greater the amount of gas. However, due to the operation conditions of condenser, vacuum temperature higher than the design temperature, vacuum pressure is generally less than 10 kpa, vacuum temperature on the screw vacuum water pump efficiency harmless.

4。 Nozzle: the nozzle clogging is inevitable, so must be immediately to the nozzle.

5。 The application of the natural environment: the key to the management system is pointed out that extraction steam pollution to the environment. Throughout the process, treatment of the desolventizing desolventizing will release a large amount of steam, another part of the tiny air oxidation of small particles such as sweet potato vermicelli and inhaled mechanical pump.

if you want to improve the efficiency of 37 kw screw vacuum water pump, it is necessary to know what is harmful to its application efficiency. In some cases, it's own mechanical pump is no problem. However, due to some factors, its efficiency is still a bit of damage. At this point, it should be moved to the appropriate natural environment for the application.

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