The effects of different _ vacuum pump in different applications

by:J&T     2020-06-01

because of a variety of vacuum pump function besides can satiety to stop the container vacuum match point, is making a difference between. When choose must understand the bear by the pump in the vacuum system of thing is very nervous mission, vacuum pump in the differences in the category of things influence of important, in the aggregate, has the following several aspects.

1, in the system of family pump

the main pump of vacuum system is pumped container is indirect stop pumping air into vacuum state, in order to obtain satiety process request the vacuum degree of vacuum water pump.

2, rough pumping

coarse pump refers to from the beginning of atmospheric pressure low vacuum system pressure reached another extraction system can start vacuum pump.

3, backing water pump

before the pump is used to make another level before the pressure of the pump to maintain on its promise of top level under the pressure of the vacuum pump.

4, maintain pumps

maintain the vacuum pump is identified vacuum extraction system is very small, can not be useful application important backing pump. Therefore, in the vacuum system to match a extraction rate of smaller pump before help to maintain the main pump or maintain normal things have abstraction of containers needed for the high pressure vacuum pump.

5, rough vacuum pump or low vacuum pump

coarse, low vacuum pump is to point to from the beginning of the atmosphere, low pressure is pumped container after things in low vacuum or rough vacuum pressure within the category of the vacuum pump.

6, high vacuum pumps

high vacuum pump refers to the category of high vacuum pump.

7, ultra high vacuum pumps

ultra-high vacuum pump refers to the category of ultra high vacuum pump. 8, the booster pump

booster pump refers to daily things between the low vacuum and high vacuum pump, to progress the smoke extraction system in the center of pressure category yu request or low pump suction speed of vacuum pump.

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