The effect of vacuum pump in vacuum evaporation process? _

by:J&T     2020-05-25

vacuum evaporation process of vacuum pump is used in where, now shenzhen heng Liu Gong summed up the points, let's look at below.

vacuum evaporation distillation application location:

1, after single and multiple effect evaporator export condenser

( 1) Vacuum pump herbal extract common;

( 2) A spherical evaporator and ordinary flash evaporator, etc. ;

( 3) Mother liquor flash design before entering the evaporator vacuum pump have overheating temperature of the heated to vacuum, the continuity of production is easier to implement;

2, western medicine vacuum reaction kettle

( 1) For batch operation process;

( 2) The final separation effect depends on the evaporation temperature and vacuum pump vacuum; the end of

3, high boiling products and process materials of molecular water pump distillation

( 1) The separation of high boiling vacuum degree of vacuum pump on the general higher;

( 2) Separation principle similar to flash design;

( 3) Commonly used in vitamins, health care category, such as

the essence of the vacuum evaporation distillation:

1, the essence is a phase change heat transfer process;

2, evaporation process for the endothermic vaporization;

3, the condensation process for heating liquid;

4, vacuum pump, vacuum purpose is ejector setting and not saturated steam condensate;

5, decided to vacuum pump vacuum only medium composition and the evaporation temperature of saturated vapor pressure;

6, decided to the size of the vacuum pump pumping speed only supplement not leak air quantity and process condensate nitrogen separation and condensation temperature;

vacuum pump in the vacuum evaporation is often used in traditional Chinese medicine on the market of thick the washing, the synthesis of western medicine and western medicine, common types of vacuum water pump for water ring vacuum pump.

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