The difference between the vacuum pump application knowledge introduction and gas sampling pump

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Vacuum pump in the environmental protection ( Such as car tail gas detection, laboratory gas composition analysis, etc. ) Often want to use gas sampling analysis, how the distinction between selection in micro vacuum pump? Usually, we can produce negative pressure of the small volume pump are called mini vacuum pump, but we must strictly distinguish between while selecting a product. In the true sense of the micro vacuum pump, such as there is a mini vacuum water pump VLK series: can be a long time of airtight container vacuum pump, it can drive the larger load. Widely used in: suction side may have valves, need to take heavy load cases, long-term continuous operation or vacuum adsorption occasions such as object, such as system pressure, continuous 24-hour operation speed, liquid filtration etc. Mini vacuum pump, simple to come I mean: have a into a suction mouth, each an exhaust nozzle, and the inlet can continue to form a vacuum or negative pressure; The micro positive pressure exhaust nozzle; Mainly for the gas as the working medium, small size of an instrument. Because of bleeding point or smoke vent can atmospheric pressure difference with the outside world, and not like a big need lubricating oil vacuum pump and vacuum pump oil, not pollution of the working medium, and small volume, low noise, no maintenance, can the advantages of continuous running 24 hours a day, so the micro vacuum water pump was used as a power plant, widely used in gas sampling, gas cycle, vacuum adsorption, accelerate the filtering, automobile vacuum booster, etc. Institutions such as scientific research, medical treatment, electric or industry, often need to use mini vacuum pump. According to different purposes, the micro vacuum pump can be divided into: the micro vacuum pump, gas sampling pump, circulating pump, pump, the suction pump, and other types. Gas sampling pump, such as a miniature air pump VLC series: work pump cavity inside and outside differential pressure is small, so it is with the load is small, but it is because the loading ability is weak, it is suitable for: used only as a gas sampling, intermittent use or more strict with the noise of the pump, volume of the occasion. Such as vehicle detection, gas composition analysis, microbiological sampling and so on. Because of different to the requirement of load capacity, mini vacuum pump and gas sampling pump chosen parts have very big difference. The micro vacuum pump have high demands on the diaphragm and motor. For the two main parts, fatigue strength, reliability, life and other technical indicators are required under load conditions, and different from gas sampling pump requires only under light load standard ( The experiment proved that load larger gas sampling pump is easy to damage) 。 Therefore, the cost of two kinds of micro pump varies widely. Some of the gas sampling pump can achieve good vacuum degree and flow indicators. However, to reach the technical index and able to work under the indicators and reliable for a long time are two different things. For example, a micro pump, can reach 30 kpa vacuum, so often when the suction port of the pump in the vacuum, pump can work reliably? can achieve index and, therefore, it can work reliability index is not the same. If the micro vacuum pump used in gas sampling, it is bound to get a high reliability and longer life, but higher cost; If the gas sampling pump used in load slightly larger occasions, reliability, life is compromised, even cannot work normally, even though it has great advantage on cost. Selection in combination with the practical situation of themselves or to consult professional personnel, in order to both cost and performance.
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