The difference between the synchronous motor and induction motor is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-17
In the production and use of anti-corrosion water pump, the motor is a common rotating machinery, everyone knows that there are two phase electric motor, 220 v and 380 v three-phase electricity, common 2,4,6,8 series. 。 。 Etc. , for synchronous and asynchronous motor, many users of the concept of some confusion, people hear the synchronous motor is what meaning, what is asynchronous motor, the difference between the two? First of all: 1, & other; Synchronous & throughout; Is what? A rotating magnetic field produced by the stator current tied to ( The magnetic field as a physical) The rotor magnet or electromagnet, & other together; Hi & throughout; Together, both the same speed. 2、“ Asynchronous & throughout; Is what? Stator current produced by a rotating magnetic field with a few brush, to the rotor rotating a brush, use & other; Friction friction & throughout; Take the rotor, the two different speeds, produce difference ( Slip) 。 3, rotating magnetic field is what happened yet? Access is very simple, three phase alternating current (ac) can produce a rotating magnetic field. 4, if the rotor asynchronous motor is an article with aluminum/copper Conducting bar) The mouse cage ( Asynchronous squirrel cage motor) , internal is a molten iron core, silicon steel cage rotor of conducting bar cutting this rotation & other Large magnetic field & throughout; Sensing the rotor current, rotor current in the rotating magnetic field and form the ampere force ( Left hand rule) The ampere force to make the rotor to move again, have & other; Cutting & throughout; There will be a relative velocity. The speed of the rotor & ne; 5, the rotation speed of the stator magnetic field of synchronous motor stator three phase alternating current (ac) was thus the rotating stator magnetic field, we have to think of it as a & other The big magnet & throughout; In rotation, if the rotor is a magnet ( Permanent magnet synchronous motor) , or access to a constant dc electromagnet ( Common synchronous motor) , or according to & other; The same, opposites attract & throughout; To the stator & other; The big magnet & throughout; Polarity is at an Angle ( Electric Angle) On the rotor & other; Magnet & throughout; Polarity, & other; Attract/rejection & throughout; Great strength, and the rotor would follow magnetic field & other; Synchronous & throughout; Rotation. The speed of the rotor = the speed of the stator magnetic field
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