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by:J&T     2020-04-09
As people living the demand is higher and higher, more and more is also high to the requirement of pump, fresh water pump, sewage pump pump as two common needs, many people are not clear they are the difference between the two sewage pump pump and motor, and the operating stealth pumping fluid, compared with general vertical or horizontal pump sewage pump, sewage water pump is compact, cover an area of an area small. Second, fresh water pump for conveying water, and the like water or other liquids used in industrial and urban drainage, heating and ventilation refrigeration cycle, irrigation equipment of cold water and hot water circulation for pressurized by physical and chemical properties. Third, they are different, in other parts of impeller and flow channel is the difference between the design and configuration. 1, the pump flow is small, small gap, the head is relatively high. In order to prevent clogging sewage water pump, flow to the design of the main channel, has naturally led to the relatively low efficiency, usually is not high lift. 2, in order to prevent winding, the design of sewage pump impeller is more simple, but there is no ring part of debris mixed cloth top, can be broken after pump water pump impeller is more complex, but the higher the efficiency significantly, his predecessor. We see from the above distinction between in its design, the user should choose according to their own needs, should not be confused with, otherwise the product will cause a certain loss. A: summary of condensate pump next up: the running stability of the vertical pipe pump
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