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vacuum pump development

aimlessly knows the east wind, very beautiful flowers always spring. The development trend of vacuum pump from the 17th and 18th centuries has experienced three more in the new century the history of the long time process. From the initial development trend of centrifugal water pump start into the mechanical pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, cryogenic pump, ionization slaughter pump, and so on dozens of sublimation pumps. Vacuum of the also have the ability to work from the tableland to hundreds of development trend of high vacuum, high vacuum industry up to now. efficiency, physical performance and credibility have shocking to ascend. But in the vacuum pump in history, who is the pump takes the ideas, we respectively is sprinkled bickering.

some people will be added to von invention for the first time the honor burt GeLiKe head, think of the vacuum pump is he up and down with silver liquid water pipe in 1650 to carry out vacuum test. Others think first invention throne should sit by Galileo, specifically Galileo tried to precisely measure the vacuum column tank, the piston rod and forces generated at the time of the force, establish vacuum pump as the basic.

a, historically accurate account of, can feel the history of the vacuum technology time began in 1643. At that time, the torricelli ( 托里拆利) Will end sealing of long tube filled with mercury and inverted in filled with Hg ( Mercury) Trough, found that the sealing of the glass tube in 76 b250m mercury column caused by the vacuum at the top.

torricelli test

2, vacuum technology in the initial stage to the invention of light bulb. Within the period of stage here, in the aspect of the basic concept of the basic law of gas, shift of scientific and technological progress to promote basic theory and practice. Such as Boyle - Super Mario, Charlie, cover. Lu Isaac, Bernoulli, avogadro, maxwell, boltzmann, etc.

1, Boyle Trails by fundamental law: when the temperature does not change, a certain quality of gas pressure and displacement inverse ratio; In other words, its pressure P and its volume V of the multiplication is a constant.

2, Bernoulli and gas kinetic theory: Bernoulli established to describe the gas kinetic theory, think gas effect on the inner wall of the vessel, work pressure, can use many of the molecular structure of fitness back and forth to express quickly.

3, vacuum specific application of the first schedule, and is using vacuum and air pressure difference caused by the mechanical equipment in the middle of the contact forces together. GeLiKe ( The giant brag and Galileo) above With a generated by two and a half spherical ball diameter is 119 cm, on time, by using a vacuum pump under atmospheric pressure effect to its on each side with eight horses can not open this classic experiment confirmed that the energy of the air. ( This is to put it bluntly mudd fort hemisphere test) 。 Offspring out this basic tableland send line to vacuum and vacuum rail freight.

mudd fort hemisphere test

4, McLeod gauge for the first time make accurate measurement of bottom pressure will be.

5, 1879, Edison research and development of fluorescent lamp is the result of invention early discharge systems. ( 托普勒,Sprengel) Fluorescent lamp illustrates the main purpose of the substructure low relative density ( Specificity of the removal of air)

6, 1893, dewar ( 杜瓦) Is the first vacuum insulation applications.

7, vacuum diode ( 1902) , three diode ( 1907) And the filament ( 1909) Invention, started the rectifier tube research and development, research and development and make the fluorescent lamp has been gradually perfected. In the applications of fluorescent lamp manufacturing vacuum 'quality' of the new field in the rectifier looked is not enough, it can promote the vacuum and accurate measurement for further development trend.

8, leather, vacuum gauge, gerd, Langmuir mercury diffusion pumps and vacuum gauge for the high vacuum hot cathode weak electrolyte presented will be the development trend of technology.

9, the development trend of high vacuum technology continues to the left and right before and after the second world war. From 1935 to 1936 for the three new results: gas ballast water pump, oil diffusion pump and its weak cold cathode electrolyte vacuum gauge. The results, until now is still the most common components of vacuum system software.

protect the oil diffusion pump circuit principle diagram

10, 1940 years after vacuum technology in nuclear science research ( Cyclotron, radionuclide separation, etc. ) , vacuum metallurgical industry, surface coating, vacuum freeze drying machine equipment level has very big progress, such as the 1955 mechanical equipment the emergence of the booster pump.

11, 1950, 10 ^ - vacuum general can do 4 ~ 10 ^ - 5 pa, maybe do a lower pressure but also can't accurate measurement. B - 1950 The emergence of A vacuum gauge for the accurate measurement of lower pressure have opened up the road, into the high vacuum industry. 1953 ion pump can get lower the pressure, namely 'clean vacuum' in plain English. In the past few decades, a must be the most advanced science technology, vacuum technology to large space, high vacuum and Gao Qingjie bearing development trend.

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