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by:J&T     2020-05-26

vacuum system is to point to by vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, and various parts in an appropriate manner through a pipeline connection, can achieve a certain vacuum degree requirements of the device. What are the basic requirements of vacuum system?

1。 In the device or to obtain the required limit working chamber vacuum and vacuum degree of work.

ultimate vacuum is refers to the device in the absence of leakage is deflated to vacuum, vacuum degree of work means the device can maintain the vacuum degree of vacuum processing. The vacuum treatment often give off a lot of gas, then the work will be significantly lower than the ultimate vacuum degree of vacuum. Ultimate vacuum and vacuum degree of work have their importance, their impact on device quality from different aspects. For example in vacuum exhaust system with oxide cathode device, electricity 10 - 2 degassing and cathode decomposition will be a large amount of gas, if the vacuum degree of work is poor, may appear a result of the poor oxidation and the cathodic activation of the electrode. But in the end device sealing is basically no leakage from deflated, vacuum degree within the device depends on the ultimate vacuum exhaust vacuum system.

2。 The time needed for the work in order to obtain a certain vacuum degree

this time depends on the size of the pumping speed of vacuum system. Improve the pumping speed can shorten the time. Big studios is a clear need for large pumping speed. Sometimes although the studio is not big, but because the deflated serious leakage, the vacuum system also needs large pumping speed, otherwise a lot of leakage is deflated will greatly reduce the degree of vacuum, the system will not work.

3。 By pumping devices or work indoor have suitable residual gas composition

the practice proved that simply is not enough to improve and guarantee the ultimate vacuum and vacuum degree of work, dealing with residual gas composition also have certain requirements. Vacuum camera devices, for example, in order to maintain low sensitivity in a year's life period is not more than coincidence, within the required components of residual gas oxygen content should be less than 10 - 2 pa, resistance to high pressure of vacuum switch tube shall not contain hydrocarbon molecules, and so on. Vacuum system of the residual gas composition, such as no other gas source in system, mainly depends on the characteristics of the pump.

4。 Vacuum system must also be simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, as well as the low price

to meet these requirements, must be determined from the pump selection, pipe size and layout, assembly process aspects of the comprehensive consideration. These basic requirements are often connected with each other. Due to the vacuum system, for example, always unavoidably exist leakage phenomenon, the pumping speed is adopted large pump is smaller than pumping speed pump can achieve good vacuum degree of work, but a big pump prices you, water, electricity, therefore, a reasonable choice. Instruments and small appropriate chooses the micro vacuum water pump, vacuum system of low cost, high efficiency, low noise, some users choose flow larger industrial vacuum pump is not suitable, so choose carefully, you can consult vacuum pump manufacturer selection scheme.

5。 Automation requirements

with the development of computer technology, the user requirements for vacuum system automation is also rising. For vacuum system, automatic control is mainly to adjust the vacuum pump flow rate and vacuum degree. Vacuum degree by adjusting the water pump flow, often install throttle valve, pressure relief valve to control. By throttling great energy loss, extra noise, it is best to directly adjust the speed of vacuum pump. There are multiple ways of industrial vacuum pump speed regulating, mainly divided into two categories: the first kind is the motor speed is constant, attachment through changing the rotating speed of vacuum pump, such as the transmission speed, the second is directly change the speed of the motor, such as thyristor cascade speed regulation, frequency control of motor speed, etc. Industrial vacuum pump is commonly used method is frequency control, energy saving effect is good, can realize stepless speed regulation, and speed than the big, speed control precision, stable speed.

to apply to small manufacturer of mini vacuum pump, vacuum system mainly USES the dropping speed in the past, step-down operation side benefit is conducive to extend the life of the pump and motor. If pump load is bigger, easy to cause motor cannot be started after decompression, the motor temperature rise, produce safe hidden trouble. Currently the most advanced domestic 'qi hai' speed micro vacuum pump configuration import without dc motor, built-in PWM ( Pulse width modulation) Line, convenient and reliable to adjust flow, can output motor speed feedback signal ( FG) And can real-time monitor the working condition of motor, easier for automatic control. Also has the perfect self-protection function, stuck in the water pump, such as overheating accident cases can automatically stop. Control the micro vacuum pump is ideal for small vacuum system automation.

all in all, for a good vacuum system tightness, if there is no regular deflated, internal no steam source, then can use smaller, ultimate vacuum pump. However, if the system leakage is deflated is more, it must be used to improve the pumping speed way to ensure that the vacuum degree of work, should use higher pumping speed pump at this moment, and maximize the pipeline flow, namely choose short and thick pipe.

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