The concrete application of _ vacuum concentration in sugar industry

by:J&T     2020-05-27

I company production and sales of water ring vacuum pump is widely used in vacuum concentration, especially in the sugar industry, according to the specific application of the sugar industry, under the analysis of the specific process:

1000 kilograms of sugar beet sugar mill each processing, can get about 125 kilograms of sugar juice, sugar content for teens in general. Then heat the sugar juice in evaporation tank, concentrated into syrup containing 35% moisture. Due to the moisture content is still a lot of, can't sugar crystallize out, then to put the syrup in a vacuum tank, condenses again contain 7 ~ 8% moisture essence cream, and sugar from saturated solution of massecuite crystallization precipitation gradually.

because of the high concentration of syrup, and make the boiling point raised 20, the boiling point of reason syrup for 100 + 20 = 120. At such a high temperature boiling sugar ( Concentration is the process of boiling sugar) Will cause the coking of sugar, and increase the loss. If boil sugar under a certain vacuum degree, makes the boiling point is reduced greatly. Therefore syrup technicians to condense into paste, under the condition of a certain vacuum degree.

start because of abundant water, syrup is far from saturated state, therefore, should be under the maximum vacuum evaporation, vacuum was required 620 - - 640 mm hg, corresponding to its boiling point is 68 - 70. The concentration of the solution increases, the boiling point is bound to rise. With the constant enrichment of syrup in the same under vacuum syrup temperature will gradually increase to 74 ~ 77. Vacuum boil sugar can be in the second stage under low vacuum, vacuum was required 420 - - 460 mm hg, the boiling point is about 93 - 94.

to select the correct vacuum water pump can improve the efficiency of production, to the enterprise to save energy. The appropriate vacuum degree can make product quality guaranteed. The stability of the vacuum can reduce the occurrence of the next product. In the sugar industry, select the appropriate water ring vacuum water pump is very necessary.

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