The common failures - heat pump

by:J&T     2020-05-15
High temperature heat pump common faults in the

the entire crust of the pump made of stainless steel parts made of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of environmental protection materials.

heat pump has the following features:

1. The shell made of stainless steel precision casting, special used to extract weak acid weak base of sewage.

2。 The shell wall thickness is greater than or equal to 3 mm.

3。 No jam, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, small volume, long service life, pumping clean water and no pollution medium, heavy oil of solid particles and short fiber, slurry, etc.

4。 Made of high temperature resistant materials and can work in less than 100 degrees high temperature liquid.

although heat pump is the upgrade of the pump body, but there are still some problems. Failed, how should we solve?

failure 1: heat pump inlet pipe leak, result in sealed tight, water immersion and extraction.

solution: light inspection method. If the wall leakage, please repair the clog; If the interface leakage, please tighten or replace gasket with a wrench.

fault 2: before starting the heat pumps, water shortage.

solution: to extend the time of water injection, increasing water injection, and continue to use high temperature water water pump pumping. If you do not filled with water and air were not pulled out, you will need to check whether the bottom valve is rusty, whether the inlet pipe leakage and stuffing box for leaks. And changing the checked. Fault 3:

heat pump inlet blockage.

solution: first of all, stop check specific plugs, then to clear blockages. Finally, depending on the type of congestion, can take such measures as scrub and trash rack, in order to improve the water quality and prevent the recurrence of congestion.

fault 4: heat water pump water is not deep enough, not immersed in the water.

solution: first measure the depth of the heat pump water nozzle. If immersed in water is too shallow, should adopt measures to reduce heat pump installation temperature, to ensure that the water pump of water intake is not lower than the water below the zero. 5 m。

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