The choice of vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump installation method correctly

by:J&T     2020-05-28

the choice of the vacuum pump is mainly based on the limiting vacuum pumping speed and the two measures. Ultimate vacuum is determined by production process conditions, it is not difficult to know. However, when choosing a vacuum pump, vacuum pump the ability of the lack of data, usually so helpless. The following edit introduces some calculation method, reference for work.

vacuum pump of the swept volume should include: the process of production of the non-condensable gas, cooling water release of dissolved air, fluid in the process of the equivalent level of saturated vapor pressure and leakage of air closely connection between the equipment and pipeline. However, because in the process, the amount of released no non-condensable gas is small, negligible, so after the key ingredient is two.

can be determined by one of the following four methods from the vacuum system leakage air volume:

1, according to the volume of the vacuum system equipment and piping;

2, equipment and pipe fittings according to the vacuum system assembly;

this method is less conservative, but the results obtained can be adapted to the air leakage of the volatile situation, and is suitable for operation.

3, can also according to the vacuum equipment, pipeline accessories such as gaskets seam length calculated leakage air volume per meter to zero. 05 ~ 0. 7 [ kg/h] And then double.

if the seal system has the activity, please add the appropriate value appropriately.

1, 2 bv the use of water ring vacuum pump and the scope of application:

2 bv water ring vacuum pump is a one-piece structure, namely with coaxial single-stage pump of pump. Shaft seal adopts mechanical seal, it has simple structure, easy installation, without oil, the characteristics of safe and reliable.

2 bv water ring vacuum pump is suitable for the removal of gas and wet steam. Suction pressure can reach 33 mbar absolute pressure ( 97% vacuum) 。 When the vacuum pump under the suction pressure of less than 80 mbar long working hours, should connect air-pocket protection device. The pipe is used to protect pump. If air ejector suction pressure as high as 10 mbar, the sprayer can be installed directly on the vacuum pump suction. When used as a compressor, the pressure can reach 0. 26MPa( Absolute pressure) 。

2 bv water ring vacuum pump is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar industry, etc. In the process of work, gas is isothermal compression process, so in compression and pumping flammable and explosive gas when not easy explosion, so its application is more extensive.

2, 2 bv water ring vacuum pumps and equipment installation:

1. The installation of pump

installing a vacuum pumps and compressors, the installation surface must be level, and through the hole of the base bolted. In order to prevent welding slag in the process of installation into the vacuum water pump, during the installation process should be installed on the oil absorption breath tube filter.

2。 Install gas water separator

gas water separator can be directly installed on the vacuum pump outlet, and bolt firmly. Gas water separator is connected to the pump pipeline, so as to supply water water pump work, the rest of the work of water supplied from water supply pipe, water supply by the water pump on the regulating valve. The pipe.

vacuum pump or compressor imported trachea should be equipped with check valve, in order to prevent the water in the vacuum pump or compressor when parking under the discharge pressure trachea return system.

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