The choice of liquid ring vacuum pump considerations -

by:J&T     2020-06-05

liquid ring vacuum pump is contains many leaves of motor rotor shaft installed in the pump body. When it turns, the liquid ( General water) Into the pump body and produce with the liquid ring pump body same boat, liquid ring with motor rotor has a capacity of leaves, cycle time change the rotation of the transfiguration vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pump is one of the most common water ring vacuum pump. Such key to coarse vacuum pump water ring vacuum water pump, the processing technology of the smoke gas is relatively large, during the whole process in chemical plants, protect the oil, light industries units obtained widespread use. This type of pump are the advantages of: simple structure, manufacturing is very easy, work, ease of use, the use of performance is strong, can smoke gas is very big, containing corrosive gas, gas dust and moisture compounds.

here for the guys in detail the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump should pay attention to what level of little common sense.

1, the master is pumped gas composition, gas contains no condensing steam, is there any dust particles, corrosion, etc. When choosing a vacuum pump, must understand the gas composition, for being selected relative to the pump suction gas. If with steam, particulate matter, and the corrosion of gas in the gas, should consider to install auxiliary machinery and equipment in the inlet pipe of pump, such as cooler, dust removal equipment, etc.

2, properly choose the liquid ring vacuum pump working point. Each pump is often a certain work pressure category, such as: SPECK category V series water ring vacuum pump working pressure of 760 MMHG ~ 33 MMHG ( Absolute pressure) , in that category, wide pressure pump pump efficiency varies with the pressure change ( Detailed shift position reference pump characteristic curve) , its steady working pressure category for 760 ~ 60 MMHG. As a result, the working point of the pump should be elected within this category to suit, and not to make it a long-term work under 33 MMHG.

3, liquid ring vacuum pump out the oil vapor harm to natural environment. If the pollution of the environment is not permitted in the natural environment, can choose oil-free vacuum pump, or the oil vapor into the outdoors. Vibration resulted from the work did harm to the processing technological process and the natural environment. If the processing process does not allow, should choose no vibration pump or shock to use countermeasures. The price of the vacuum pump, operation and maintenance costs.

4, composition of liquid ring vacuum pump properly. Because there are alternative process of pumping air into vacuum state, therefore, sometimes using a pump can not consider of pumping air into vacuum state, must be several types of pump, fill with each other to consider vacuum. Such as titanium sublimation pump for hydrogen has high pump efficiency, but can't take helium, and three pole type accidentally ion pump, ( Or diode type asymmetric encryption accidentally negative ion pump) For argon pump efficiency to a certain extent, the composition, will get good vacuum pump equipment. In addition, some vacuum pump can not work under atmospheric pressure, must be fore pump; Some vacuum pump entrance pressure is less than the atmospheric pressure, must be in front of the pump, the old have to pump up the application.

5, it should consider the limit of vacuum technology, vacuum pump work pressure and work pressure. Such as: a vacuum drying equipment processing technology of 10 MMHG work vacuum degree, the limiting vacuum of vacuum pump at least 3 MMHG, mm Hg is best can do. General pick limiting vacuum pump vacuum to high vacuum technology work for one and a half to an order of magnitude.

6, vacuum technology to the rules of the oil pollution of the environment. If the machine no oily be soiled, strict management should be elected no petrol pump, all kinds of such as: speck water ring pump, carbon molecular sieve adsorption pump, accidentally ion water pump, cryogenic pump, etc. If rules are not strict, can choose a gasoline pump, add some countermeasures of oil pollution of the environment, or cold trap, mask, such as oil baffle well, can do clear vacuum pump.

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