The characteristics of the vacuum conveying water ring vacuum pumps -

by:J&T     2020-05-25

as a rough mechanical pump, water ring vacuum water pump by the pump shell, centrifugal impeller, suction pipe plate, auxiliary automatic exhaust valve, etc. Among them, mechanical equipment in the process of vacuum pump transportation has many features, to improve water ring vacuum pump of high transmission efficiency, so that they can master the water ring vacuum pump vacuum water pump transmission characteristics.

1。 The structure of the mechanical equipment simple and clear. Production, processing and equipment are very simple. Low operating costs, creating fast. Water ring vacuum pumps are key components of the system software groove steel plate welded structure, it is designed for pipe and casing design parts. Each part of relative velocity and maintenance easier, or if you add some control system, the automation technology will become more and more easy.

2。 Early admission is efficient, and there is no round-trip transportation machinery and equipment. All the defects of other transport vehicles are free arm. However, water ring vacuum pump conveying chemicals is steam, need only in intelligent terminal treatment into the air. In the process of delivery, the contradiction between supply and demand can be sustained, continuous delivery can be done.

3。 Good health condition. Water ring vacuum pump in the operation of the pipeline, the raw material under pressure, it is not easy to leak and flying, it is not easy to disperse and pollute the environment. In the whole process of early admission, you also can choose to terminate, boring and other intermediate solution. When raw material under the atmospheric pressure storage, water under atmospheric pressure is quite volatile, so even if you don't use other blunt arm, high moisture materials during storage have some insensitive effect, can use raw material particles net weight difference, through the selection of suitable design scheme of the raw material of raw material.

4。 In addition, the water ring vacuum water pump pipeline is easy to create network, complex ingenious layout is reasonable, can be fully used in gas, join the actual operation of the natural environment.

by the above comprehensive analysis, we can see 2 bva water ring vacuum pump vacuum pump transportation practical operation simple and clear, store features of high efficiency and good hygienic conditions. Vacuum pump transportation can not only improve the transmission efficiency of steam and the purity of the surrounding environment, also can improve the quality and efficiency of transmission of steam.

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