The characteristics of the roots water ring vacuum pump unit? _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

shenzhen heng is constant, the brand roots water ring vacuum pump unit is composed of more than two sets of vacuum pump equipment, its backing pump selection is water ring vacuum pumps, pump group to use better, more effectively overcome the single water ring pump when using the limit of pressure difference, improve the working efficiency, it also has the following advantages:

a water ring vacuum pumps and high extraction efficiency,

pump start-up fast consumption, high efficiency, large pump pumping speed, low operation and maintenance cost, to be drained gas contained in some of the dust and water vapor is not sensitive to it within 100 ~ 1 pa extreme pressure scale have larger extraction efficiency.

2 water ring vacuum pumps and extreme high vacuum degree, smooth operation, little vibration, low noise.

because the transfer of a vacuum pump parts made of strong backlash structure, vacuum water pump can be long-term operation under high pressure difference. starting fast, can in a short period of time to limit the vacuum. So vacuum pump cavity, no rotating parts, each other do not need lubricating oil, to prevent the pollution of oil vapor on the system.

three choose with water ring vacuum pump and water ring pump as the backing pump more have advantages than other vacuum pump,

it restrained the single stage water ring vacuum pump when using the limit pressure difference, under a certain pressure the disadvantage of low efficiency of extraction, can retain the roots pump with acute operation, has the characteristics of the larger extraction efficiency. Roots water ring vacuum water pump unit combination can also according to customer's specific site usage, and what use is used to determine the parameters of the pump, to better meet the production demand, improve the work efficiency of production.

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