The cause of dry vacuum pump bearing overheating and method dealing with the shaft

by:J&T     2020-07-03

dry vacuum pump bearing overheating is a common problem, but when the motor running, rolling bearing outside of the allowed temperature cannot exceed the standard value. If not removed immediately, will lead to many problems. Detailed below the cause of dry vacuum pump bearing overheating and method dealing with the shaft.

1, bearing end cover sealing invalid: when bearing end cover sealing packing was damaged or sealing hole blocked, the gas will be from the damage of clearance suction dry vacuum pump body, resulting in a pump. Breathing and rowing the characteristics of the trachea. If the seal on one side of the void, the centrifugal impeller working pressure will not be on either side of the balance, the rotor of the motor will produce radial force, this will increase the load on the rolling bearing and improving rolling temperature. Bearings.

2, pump shell burst: dry vacuum pump pump shell burst, working pressure will not balance, on either side of the centrifugal impeller and the rotor of the motor will produce radial force, this will increase the load bearing. Rolling bearings. Long running can cause temperature rise of rolling bearing. To improve. In this case, please immediately will the replacement for the pump shell.

3, rolling bearing damage: rolling bearing and roller rolling bearing cage was damaged after rolling bearing overheating. New rolling bearings rolling bearing damaged must be replaced immediately.

4, rolling bearing excessive torque: this kind of thing can promote the bearing clearance or recoilless, cause temperature rise of rolling bearing.

5, when the dry vacuum pump shell or impact rolling bearings, rolling bearing temperature is too high. Found that the water pump shell shock, shock was restored.

6, light oil too much or too little, or light oil type mismatch. For too long. May be a light oil by environmental pollution, rolling bearing is very hot. At this point, you should ask the light curing the type of grease, ask manufacturers use, appropriate to adjust the temperature of the light to repair rolling bearing grease.

dry dry vacuum pump holding shaft vacuum holding shaft key is that the Angle of the rolling bearing components. An in-depth analysis for the following reasons: the quality of the rolling bearing has its own differences, or long-term operation caused by damage and embrittlement, leading to rolling bearing in the precision of the whole assembly line process. Positioning and design scheme is too different, accurate positioning is not accurate, the use of the various components is not science, the quality of the grease are also associated with the occurrence of this kind of situation. If the overall vibration of the pump, etc.

when dry vacuum water pump holding shaft, should first query is which causes, and then for processing, so that you can complete the entire application.

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