The bottom of the centrifugal pump valve application and functions are introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Centrifugal pump type has a lot of, have a self-priming centrifugal pump, ordinary centrifugal pump, the material also has a lot of kinds, common in the market is not function of self-priming centrifugal pump, then in use process, for low level or prevent pipeline fluid backflow, bottom valve is a common equipment, what are the bottom valve application places, functional performance in what aspects; A, the definition of Bottom Valve Bottom Valve by Valve body, Valve cover, Valve, such as parts, gasket seal ring and English name Foot Valve or Bottom Valve, belongs to a kind of check Valve, installed in the pump suction piping low-end, used to prevent the water in the suction pipe emptying after downtime. Two bottom valve, bottom valve, main applications of the irrigation type centrifugal pump before starting, must be filled with water in the pump to start. The bottom valve is mainly used in the irrigation type centrifugal water pump pumping occasions, installed in the inlet line bottom, completely submerged in water. Bottom valve has the function of the check, the water in the suction line to the pump inlet direction, only can't return to the suction pool, need water pump start-up for the first time, later you don't need to infuse water ( In fact due to bottom valve seal, processing quality problem, also need to fill a certain amount of water to start again) 。 Check valves are normally can't bear high pressure, but the pump outlet side of the water back after downtime will produce a lot of pressure, in order to prevent the bottom valve was damaged, some are installed on bottom valve pressure tube. Three, large hood can filter particles, the disc by gravity or gravity + spring pressure to close. Disc with single and double disc and disc type: bottom valve on the valve cover is equipped with multiple water inlet, and is equipped with a sieve, to reduce the clutter of inflows, reduce the blocking probability of bottom valve. Although bottom valve screen mesh with anti clogging, bottom valve is generally applicable clean medium, viscosity and particle through the large medium unfavorable use bottom valve. Bottom valve welding at the bottom of the container, which can achieve good emptying, cleaning, disinfection effect. 1, whether from the traffic structure, or from the technological requirements are very ideal, also won't produce turbulence when emptying phenomenon. 2, tank bottom valve as far as possible close to the tank bottom wall, so as to achieve the effect of no dead Angle. 3, bottom valve according to the material can be divided into plastic bottom valve and metal bottom valve, also can be divided into ordinary bottom valve and backwashing water bottom valve. 4, the bottom valve design is reasonable, advanced manufacturing technology, installation, use, maintenance is convenient. And the advantages of small friction resistance, long service life. 5, bottom valve can also be according to the technological requirements in the process of operation will be good mixed work medium. Four, self-priming pump need of bottom valve is usually no need of bottom valve, because the general self-priming water pump inlet itself with a check valve, which is what we call the one-way valve, this pump after the stop, the liquid in the pump body won't be able to return to their original pool, and stored in the pump body, so there is no need to add a second use filling liquid. If after adding the bottom valve effect will be better, because if sometimes one-way valve damage, and at the end of valve as a safeguard, there will not be idle, and after adding bottom valve can effectively ensure the effective suction pump. Another special case, but if the suction height difference is too big, or aspirating tube diameter is too large, the volume exceeded the self-priming water pump pump cavity fluid volume, can't work normally. At this time must be mounted to the bottom valve, ensure the safety of imbibition quickly.
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