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by:J&T     2020-05-15

to effectively improve the quality of products in high temperature oil pump, are helpful for manufacturers and users. We should from what respect to remind the quality of the heat pump?

1, the heat resistance and high temperature oil pump bearing stability: high speed pump at high speed, average speed is 2900 RPM. Therefore, the heat conduction oil pump bearings must choose high-speed bearing. In order to prevent heat conduction oil pump working under high temperature, thermal conductivity, the effect of the general heat conduction oil pump bearings are high temperature resistant bearing. Usually, small flow pump will be in the ends of the shaft bearing, especially large flow high heat water pump head must be in the ends of the shaft is equipped with two bearings. Spindle in large flow conveying pump, centrifugal force big situation is stable.

2, selection of high temperature oil pump seal directly affect the service life of heat conduction oil pump: heat pump seals generally divided into mechanical seals ( Including single-ended mechanical seal, double-end mechanical seal) Mechanical seal and combined bellows seal) , packing seal ( Graphite sealing, carbon fiber packing) And skeleton oil pump ( Four fluorine skeleton, four fluorine dynamic lip seal. Choosing heat transfer oil pump seal, must according to the customer's specific requirements you can't just consider the customer demand for heat pump temperature, must be from the perspective of customers, fully consider the pipe length, height, diameter and pipe resistance according to the customer's actual pipeline, should consider what kind of seal is more suitable.

3, heat water pump impeller balance: heat pump impeller before assembly must have enough aging reaction time, and in the heat conduction oil pump impeller after aging reaction time in the past, to complete the manufacture of the impeller. Only through the static and dynamic balance test, to assemble the pump impeller. If the static or dynamic balance is unqualified, the heat pump in after the operation, will cause such as high noise, high vibration and easy to damage the bearings and seals.

using hot oil pump should be clean. The work includes the following several aspects:

1, to do a good job of cleaning and hygiene heat carrier furnace chamber. Heat pump should not let debris build-up in the furnace room.

2, in order to clean dust and ash discharge box, the general high temperature hot oil pump should be clean dust twice to three times per class.

3, be sure to use the gas stove to wipe the burning oil and dirt on the surface. Heat pump ( Especially the vertical gas burner) At the top of the higher temperature. It is forbidden to put some flammable items.

4, to keep the heat carrier furnace and equipment clean, high temperature oil pump must be removed outside dust sediment. This not only for high temperature heat pump to create a clean environment, and make the observation equipment running status and find the potential easier.

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