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by:J&T     2020-04-24
The basic principle of condensate water pump and G - cooling process M cycle refrigerator, the basic principle of driver He through the compressor compressed gas, supply in high pressure form a refrigerator, and refrigeration unit and the room temperature side of the cylinder together, and through the switch valve is connected to the high side and low voltage side of He gas compressor. In addition, switch to the low temperature side, regenerator and cylinder and piston rod arrangement in the cylinder to move up and down through the crank connecting rod mechanism. In order to make the G M cycle refrigerating machine is compact and compact, the use of regenerator in the piston rod structure. The compressed gas in cylinder piston used for sealing points, the piston moves up and down, make the internal gas expansion, to absorb the external heat. If outside there is almost no heat, so when the gas is in a state of thermal damage, gas itself will be cooled down. Analysis from the perspective of energy conservation and absorb the external heat to decrease its temperature, the process of the piston and the work done by exactly the same. This is the basic principle of refrigeration. The previous: no earlier next: the difference between the fresh water water pump and centrifugal water pump
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