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by:J&T     2020-04-27
This product is the unit of r&d personnel original multifunctional special pump. It is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, rotor components and dynamic components. Rotor components installed in the pump cavity composed of pump body and pump cover. The components to drive the rotor rotation, rotation and rotor component in the pump chamber to produce the change of the seal chamber volume, to rapidly produce vacuum suction material. Its advantage is of strong attraction, try the water suction height is 8. 2 meters, higher than other self-priming water pump intake stroke 34 meters; Conveying fluid viscosity, wide use volatile solvent and high viscosity oil glue; Load and can be absorbed into the pumping and injection liquid, suction level higher than that of vacuum unit, vacuum after enter the next barrel can be inhaled a bucket of materials; Self-priming time is very short, 3 m / 2 seconds, while the other self-priming pump more than 3 m / 180 seconds; Cavitation resistance is strong. The utility model has simple structure, less parts, simple installation, easy maintenance, long service life. Barrels with self-priming pump 1. Low specific gravity, and volatile solvent solution extraction and transportation ( Fluoride plastic is applicable to transport corrosive medium) 。 2. Bottled liquid extraction and transmission ( Instead of barrel pump, more clean than barrel pump) 。 3. The residues will tank drain and suction. 4. The extraction and clean water tank bottom and the bottom of the tank. 5. Agriculture, pharmaceuticals and intermediates and other chemical industry. 6. Cosmetics, the extraction and transportation industries, such as oil of high viscosity fluid. 7. Beer, yellow wine and other wine industry. 8. Related to food industry, such as dairy products and dairy products. A: no seal self-priming pump overview: next article summary of fluorine plastic self-priming water pump
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