The axial displacement of what you know?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
A, axial displacement is what? Turbine is refers to the turbine rotor axial displacement movement. Specifically, is the rotor thrust plate of transfer between thrust tile quantity. Axial displacement reflect the turbine part and stationary part of relative positions, axial displacement change, is also the stator and rotor axial position has changed. To the generator is positive, whereas negative, the steam turbine rotor along the axial distance is called the axial displacement. 2 increases, the axial displacement of turbine, the cause and the treatment 1, the axial displacement of turbine, the increase for the following reasons: 1) 。 Load changes. A sudden load rejection. 2) 。 Blade scaling. 3) 。 Steam temperature changes. The steam flow change. 4) 。 High closing seal leakage is big, affect the bearing temperature rise. 5) 。 Fragments of frequency change, run by the middle of fall. 6) 。 Water shock. Thrust bearing wear or damage. 7) 。 Extraction outage, axial thrust change. The generator rotor dynamic. 8) 。 High pressure steam seal steam steam pressure regulation changes. The vacuum changes. 9) 。 Electric spindle displacement table by frequency, voltage changes. 10) 。 Hydraulic axial displacement table acceptor water pump export oil pressure, oil temperature change, etc. 2, the increase of axial displacement treatment: 1) When the axial displacement increases, should be closely monitored oil temperature at the inlet and outlet of the thrust bearing, thrust tile metal temperature, poor expansion and the status of the unit vibration. 2) When the axial displacement of 1. 0 mm or + 1. 2 mm protection action unit automatic stop. Otherwise the manual type brake emergency stop; 3) Axial displacement increases, though not to jump machine value, but the unit has obvious friction noise and vibration increase or bearing return oil temperature rise obviously should emergency stop; 4) If the axial displacement increases after downtime, must immediately check the thrust bearing, oil temperature, metal temperature and bearing and check manually turning without jamming, shall be put into continuous turning, otherwise to turning on a regular basis. Must be approved by check no damage for thrust bearings, turbine throughflow part rear can restart. 5) When the axial displacement increases to the alarm value, should report the value of long, operation manager, to reduce load; 6) If the main and reheat steam parameters abnormal, should be returned to normal; 7) If the system frequency change is big, generator rotor, should contact the PLN scheduling, in order to return to normal as soon as possible.
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