The application of vacuum system in food processing machinery -

by:J&T     2020-05-26

choose vacuum system used in the food processing machinery, mainly using the vacuum system vacuum packing tableland, according to the vacuum drying equipment, Fried presoak vacuum pump, vacuum water pump, vacuum bags, etc. The whole process to carry out the agricultural products processing, in order to enhance the productivity of agricultural products processing agricultural products, agricultural products processing quality and increase the storage time, etc. Food processing machinery refers to all kinds of agricultural products processing into finished products for immediate consumption, production with the seeds of industrial equipment and chemical tableland. The theory of agricultural products processing machinery and equipment also includes production and processing all kinds of livestock and poultry, forest products and seafood mechanical equipment and machinery and equipment.

Germany vacuum system used in the food processing machinery, what is the role?

1。 Improve productivity

according to the vacuum system, can improve the productivity of food production and processing is reasonable. In vacuum drying equipment, place the food vacuum pump case, using the characteristics of the moisture content of low melting point in order to develop mania, accelerate the speed grain dry mania.

2。 Improving the quality of production and processing

according to the vacuum system, can further improve the quality of food production and processing of production and processing. Agricultural products such as in the case of vacuum water pump dry mania, equal to freeze drying, can prevent to the destruction of nutrient elements in high temperature, to prevent air oxidation opportunity body fat in the food, melanin Browning, or other air oxidation mildew etc. Vacuum frying, frying temperature is low, less nutrient element damage, food Peng Hua effect significantly, prevent plant oil chemistry etc advantages.

3。 Increasing food storage time

according to the vacuum system, can be a modest increase in the agricultural product storage time. If choose vacuum bags, was conducted under the condition of vacuum pump to the agricultural product packaging process. The whole packing process is first after food in sealed vessels, vessels in sealed vacuum packing, before the sealing based no gas within a vessel. After packing of agricultural products, can prevent oxidation, mildew, get damp air, avoid corruption mildew, avoid package content swaps and secondary pollution of chemical substances, and can increase the food quality assurance, cold storage, the storage period.

according to the production process is divided into two categories: category to the tableland food like rice, Chinese sorghum, millet and millet each molt peeled, run into a finished product. Protect the food such as rice to go through all kinds of miscellaneous clearing machine equipment to eliminate various residue after into the rice huller and separated from the chaff. Row of paddy paddy separating compounds into the screen. Separate screening and utilization of rice and black rice in particle size distribution, the difference between relative density and the surface characteristics such as level, will not each molt extracted and sent to the rice huller rice. Black rice is made sorghum rice into the rice mill grinding, then the finished product classification sift out the chaff Xi and broken rice, a quick finished sorghum rice. Another kind to wheat, corn, wheat, wheat seeds and naked oats tableland food to remove cuticular layer and embryo bud, powder grinding into finished products. Such as wheat tableland rational to various impurity removal equipment to eliminate various wheat residue and dust attached to the surface of soil, dust, ground into a powder into the flour milling equipment, and by a set of flat screen for finished product wheat flour. Middle tableland material into another milling machine milling equipment, so get wheat flour, eventually the brush will from wheat bran bran machine.

vacuum system used in food processing machinery is as a good assistant of the agriculture and the enrichment, not only to buy, good maintenance, appropriate practical application, maintenance, maintenance of mechanical equipment is the key.

a carefully and understand mechanical equipment use manual, grasp the structure and features, not rushed, conceited, not as a know-it-all.

2, the actual operation of mechanical equipment to comply with safety operation procedures, maintenance should pay attention to, do not anticlimactic, can not be blind.

3, agricultural machinery have qualified, load speed requirements, do not 'small mara carts', penny-wise and pound foolish.

4, decisive can not practical disease machinery equipment, once found out that there was something wrong with mechanical equipment, to immediately terminate the actual operation, immediately to carry out the vacuum pump system maintenance.

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