The application of vacuum pump in vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine -

by:J&T     2020-05-31

hello, everyone, for the application of the vacuum water pump we talked a lot, today we talk about in the vacuum pump in the application of vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine.

vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine in the process is mainly in two aspects. A canned in about 300 mbar operating under vacuum, canned by negative pressure powder conveying. Vacuum filling nitrogen, containers, filling the nitrogen, avoid risk products oxidation, batch operation, under the 100 mbar operation vacuum, average each batch time N container at the same time, maintain 10 seconds after filling the nitrogen. Usually this? Require oxygen last no more than 15%. Specific vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine need to manufacturers to buy, buy a vacuum pump for us.

of course, also have a lot of friends will ask, this vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine is used in the industry? Small make up to you a few, like milk powder, granules, health care products, cosmetics, the manufacturers have to be.

today we mainly to introduce the vacuum water pump vacuum filling nitrogen in milk powder industry application of the can sealing machine. Many different kinds of milk powder, like full-fat, skim, instant, sugar, children, and so on. Specific to your own to choose.

powder industry foreground is very good, as a whole, regardless of category growth or decline, the market prospect is considerable. Using vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine to increase the production capacity is a good choice? We were so hungry that the vacuum pump can effectively improve the efficiency of vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine. Also can reduce pollution of the environment. In general a vacuum filling nitrogen can sealing machine need to configure a vacuum pump, mass production will need a lot of equipment, the noise of the workshop will be very big, in the late maintenance special trouble. We design scheme of central vacuum system, can improve efficiency, reduce noise, and pollution of the environment.

recommended conveyor line with DZS, GHSVSD + vacuum pump, if the filling line to recommend GHSVSD + with a vacuum water pump. To improve the workshop environment at the same time, saving labor costs.

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