The application of vacuum pump in the vacuum transport system -

by:J&T     2020-05-25

vacuum pump is a kind of rotary varactor pump before vacuum pump shall be fit for use in a wide range of pressure pumping speed has been greatly pumping gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic plating, etc. Include water ring pump, reciprocating pump, plunger pump, vane pump, roots water pump and diffusion pump, the pump is currently the national economy industry application in the process of the vacuum pump process essential to the main pump.

vacuum transport, absorption and lifting equipment, is applied between the vacuum and atmospheric pressure difference generated by the force to do work. Due to the nature of this kind of mechanical energy exists pressure is average, and thus can be applied to any form of absolute contact plane. At present, most of these vacuum equipment used in coal, tobacco, fish, rice, flour, cement, mineral mud, pulp, powder powder chemical products, cement floor, slab, airport and highway cement road fast blot, workshop, machine tool fixture operation glass shipment, sucking, vacuuming. Artificial miscarriage absorption: sputum suction, suction pleural effusion, pus, intestinal absorption and absorb radiation dust produced by atomic bomb in consumption. The equipment has simple structure, easy to operation and maintenance, transportation, lifting and no vibration during the process of absorption, high consumption efficiency, secure delivery of damaged items peace, non-polluting characteristics to the environment. Thus has wide application scope and prospects.

vacuum appearance is also an important aspect of the application of differential pressure force, in recent years in the military map, number of books for the blind, and shown to touch type, advanced ceramics, concrete, refrigerator, washing machine parts, toys, panel copy relief and the cultural relics, traveling wave tube and backward wave tube in the pillar fine spinning forming, analyze the chamber in the mass spectrometer and waveguide manufacturing of microwave system, is widely adopted this technology.

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