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by:J&T     2020-06-01

the pharmaceutical industry has been as high and new technology industry. Development potential is very great. Today we will introduce the application of vacuum pump in the pharmaceutical industry.

we all know that vacuum is inseparable from the medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), synthesis of western medicine, polypeptide and protein vaccine and new drugs research and development, etc. So the effect of vacuum in the link of the pharmaceutical industry?

1。 Evaporation distillation

2. Crystal

3. Dry

4. Delivery

5. Filling

6. Miscellaneous

the basic theory of vacuum evaporation distillation on the basis of what is it? The boiling point of liquid under vacuum is reduced, different liquid saturation vapour pressure under the same temperature.

vacuum evaporation distillation in pharmaceutical applications.

1。 Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in strong

commonly known as traditional Chinese medicine extraction or enrichment.

solvent is mainly of two types: water or ethanol aqueous solution.

2。 The synthesis of western medicine

after synthetic material separation.

distillation solvent (including process Alcohol, ester, ketone, etc. ) And the middle low boiling, etc.

some drug preparation of chlorine ions in halogen, collective material requirement is high.

3。 Western medicine washing

the purification of pharmaceutical intermediates and finished products, selective separation by solvent.

most products process must be more solvent washing, washing out the vacuum separation.

solvent, such as ethyl acetate, tetrahydrofuran, methanol, ethanol, acetone, etc.

vacuum evaporation distillation application site

after single and multiple effect evaporator export condenser

herbal extract common;

will see ball evaporator and common flash evaporator, etc. ;

mother liquor flash design before entering the evaporator have overheating temperature of the heated to vacuum, the continuity of production is easier to implement;

western medicine reaction kettle

many for batch operation process;

the final separation effect depends on the evaporation temperature and at the end of a vacuum;

high boiling material products and process of molecular distillation

the separation of high boiling vacuum general higher;

separation principle similar to flash design;

used to vitamins, health care category, such as

what is the nature of vacuum evaporation distillation? We all know that after heating Evaporation - Condensation separation - Take time to process

is essentially a phase change heat transfer process;

the evaporation process for the endothermic vaporization;

the cooling process as the exothermic liquefaction;

don't fit purpose is suction as well as setting and not saturated steam condensate;

decided to vacuum water pump vacuum only medium composition and the evaporation temperature of saturated vapor pressure;

decide the size of the vacuum pump pumping speed only supplement not leak air quantity and process condensate nitrogen separation and condensation temperature;

the pharmaceutical industry the main drying methods

the characteristics of the double cone drying

batch operation.

initial vacuum saturation vapour pressure depends on the solvent.

organic solvent dry vacuum pump need explosion-proof.

double cone dry vacuum pump water ring vacuum water pump is the main model

easy to explosion proof design.

is not sensitive to powder entrainment.

organic solvent dry can choose similar solvent work fluid in low temperature.

the cost is not high, zibo or north jiangsu as the main supply.

the characteristics of the freeze-dried

batch operation.

operation depends on vacuum freeze-dried temperature.

the thermal efficiency is low, heat-sensitive, unit price is the most suitable.

vacuum freeze-drying main advantages and applicability. .

loose spongy after lyophilization, basic volume remains the same.

after water and form composition and taste difference is smaller. Applicability

needs low temperature to keep the activity of western medicine, such as vaccines and antibiotics.

rare traditional Chinese medicine, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, pilose antler, etc.

biological pharmaceutical and health care products.

small seasonal food consumption characteristics.

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