The application of vacuum pump in lithium electricity industry _

by:J&T     2020-05-31
The application of the vacuum water pump in the lithium electricity industry

as a kind of special metal lithium, apply to a higher demand environment, so the processing and using have very high requirements. Now technology is more and more good, let the lithium lithium battery which has become the mainstream direction and prospects of the development of lithium battery is very good. Want to have a high rate of cycle life of lithium batteries will use vacuum pump. In the shenzhen heng is mechanical and electronic case there has been a very good cooperation. Remember down small make up take you to introduce the application of lithium electricity.

the most commonly used in the production of lithium-ion batteries is we know the vacuum handling and adsorption. In realizing the automation in life. The rotary vane vacuum pumps can be achieved. And with oven and liquid injection encapsulation rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum degree in oven, demand is higher, - More than 95 kpa, the higher the better, the requirement of the filler is low. Factory to make a central vacuum system for factory, also can separate. Because of the smoke gas corrosion, must pay attention to the selected pump.

vacuum water pump industry lithium electricity characteristic

1. Benefit from lithium charge and the rapid development of lithium power battery, lithium-ion battery have greatly increased, the ratio of improved lithium electricity in the competitiveness of the energy storage

2. Lithium electricity energy density is high, relatively safe, reliable and can satisfy the application of a variety of energy storage scenario

3. Lithium electricity commercialized degree of mature

vacuum pump industry trend of lithium-ion battery energy storage

1. Lithium-ion battery is a fastest growing in the electrochemical energy storage, also is the proportion of the highest in electrochemical

2. Lithium electricity enterprises gradually pay attention to energy storage, and input increase year by year in recent years

3 li-ion battery energy storage in the next few years development prospect

by vacuum pump in lithium-ion battery industry, according to a study of the factors affecting the service life of lithium battery high rate and long cycle

1. Discharge depth and number of rechargeable

2. Overcharge, discharge, as well as the large charge and discharge current

3. Extreme heat or cold environment

4. Long time full of electricity, without electricity state

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