The application of the roots vacuum pump - distillation process

by:J&T     2020-05-20

distillation is the gasification of liquid mixture part, using the different characteristics of the volatility of each component to achieve the purpose of separation. Before using the roots vacuum water pump in distillation process, the following problems: the longer distillation time, more than 12 h/batch; Many of the distillation residue. The reason is that due to the long time in the process of distillation and distillation temperature is higher, so the distillation of coking resin - — The amount of relatively large. So how to solve this problem? The following will introduce the classification of the distillation process and the application of the roots vacuum pump in distillation process.

distillation process is usually classified as follows:

(1) according to the composition of the mixture of distillation number, can be divided into binary distillation and multiple distillation.

(2) according to whether the continuous operation process, can be divided into intermittent distillation and continuous distillation.

(3) according to the working pressure can be divided into the atmospheric distillation, pressure distillation and vacuum distillation.

(4) according to operating mode can be divided into simple distillation, the equilibrium distillation and distillation.

(5) according to the special requirements of separation system, the distillation include batch distillation, steam distillation, azeotropic distillation, extractive distillation, reaction distillation, etc.

distillation thermodynamics separation process. It USES mixed - liquid or liquid Different boiling point solid components in the system to evaporation of low boiling point components, and then condensing to isolate the components. It is evaporating and condensing unit operation. With other separation methods ( Such as extraction, filtration and crystallization) Compared, it is not to need to use the advantages of the system components of the solvent, other than to ensure not to introduce new impurities.

in order to solve the above problem, through analysis and research, I think that should be considered from the perspective of improving vacuum. In theory, the high temperature will speed up the material of resin, and long residence time will increase the amount of resin material. Improve the pot vacuity is long solve distillation and distillation residue too much the best way to two questions.

in the first place, can reduce the boiling point of material, after increasing vacuum that is, reduce the bubble point temperature in the distillation operation. Secondly, increasing the vacuum degree can increase the driving force of the distillation and accelerate the evaporation rate of the material.

in the distillation process, we used the oil-free vacuum pump vacuum equipment is common. Methods are now used with oil-free vacuum pumps in series roots vacuum pump of high vacuum. We know that there is no oil vacuum pump into the system. It is the roots vacuum pump exhaust gas. With the help of roots pump, protection case on vacuum degree is greatly increased, vacuum degree of no-load running for - almost 0. 1Mpa。

in practice has been proved that the roots vacuum water pump used in the distillation process, the high vacuum of magnesium chloride and magnesium evaporation, also help reduce air pollution. Vacuum distillation process of the late vacuum requirement is greater than zero. 013 pa。 At the same time, can improve the recovery rate, increase the recycled. In addition, the roots vacuum pump and oil-free vacuum pumps in series which can effectively shorten the operation time and reduce resin residues, thereby reducing product raw material consumption.

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