The application of corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic magnetic pump

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic magnetic pump application is very extensive, especially suitable for acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent and strong corrosion and other harsh walked the fluid flow process. body cast steel outside using over-current components are lined with fluoroplastic, using the inner rotor, isolation cover, outer magnetic steel, etc by strong magnetic drive to complete delivery, without having to install mechanical seal, completely prevent run, run, leakage, zero leakage, more environmental protection standards, its reliability, easy maintenance and environmental protection is gradually recognized by the customer, is the first selection of modern chemical industry production liquid conveying pump type. Corrosion resistant magnetic pump use the matters needing attention, corrosion resistant magnetic water pump is divided into horizontal and vertical installation, smooth must install, start, water pump cavity filling of conveying liquid, ban on idling, pump can be installed at the bottom of the reservoir irrigation, thus avoiding the pump cavity fluid deficiency, caused by mechanical damage or burn machine. Second, transmission medium of solidification process of liquid, shielding pump mechanical seal or will want both thermal insulation and cooling problem. Magnetic pump is not cooling demand, can make double clamp cover model, steam heat preservation, ensure the liquid in the pump is not set. And can cooperate with temperature probe.
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