The anti-corrosion pump frequency conversion motor damage cause analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-28
Commonly used anti-corrosion pump is conveying acid alkali water pump, anticorrosive water pump controlled by frequency conversion motor, such as damaged due to what reason be? Variable frequency drive using pulse width modulation ( 脉宽调制) Technology to control the input voltage and frequency of the motor. When the source and load impedance mismatch between, can produce reflections. Making the motor terminal reflected voltage and the superposition of incident voltage, transient overshoot voltage, which can lead to motor winding insulation breakdown causing unplanned shutdown. Case: a group enterprise, use water water pump is ordinary frequency motor, is controlled by frequency converter. The motor accident damage. Between the inverter and motor cable length of 20 m. Below is the MDA 500 measurements. A, voltage overshoot what harm is there? Overshoot voltage may breakdown the insulation of the equipment, such as the turn-to-turn insulation of the motor. Once the impact of the transient overvoltage may not be immediately interrupting device, with the accumulation of repeated impact, may take a toll on the equipment gradually lead to destruction. Transient impulse voltage frequency conversion motor, machine & ndash; Motor damage turn-to-turn insulation: frequency conversion motor running safety assessment 1, if the impulse voltage beyond the insulation index of motor, the motor will be damaged. 2, by the inverter power supply of motor, common voltage overshoot phenomenon. Machine side, the impact of the actual transient voltage peak by running the scene of the inverter, cable length and other factors. 3, the turn-to-turn insulation of the motor, can only carry a degree of impulse voltage. 2, electric impulse voltage pattern in end big value: standard motor: according to the relevant standards - the motor IEC( GB) 、NEMA。 Special motor: on the basis of motor manufacturers instructions, test reports, etc. Traditional solution: overshoot voltage reactor, filter principle: suppress overshoot voltage inverter output, low pass filter installation. The inverter output, serial reactor. The motor end, parallel RC impedance.
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