The analysis of the causes of high temperature heat pump leaking -

by:J&T     2020-06-29

the so-called high temperature heat pump working point refers to the high temperature heat pump characteristic curve and pipeline characteristic curve of the node. Due to the high temperature heat pump is connected to the pipe, so must be limited to the pipeline. For example: the pump can supply 200 cubic metres of water per hour, but when it is connected to the small diameter pipe, pump water restrictions by the small diameter pipeline, and water supply will change ( Less) Questions about the pipelines is missing, the relationship between the loss and the flow is:

hw = AQ2, including A - — The pipe resistance coefficient; Q— — Flow through a pipe.

it the same as the loss of friction resistance along the way. Assumptions on the coordinates mapped the parabola and the parabola is the pipeline characteristic curve.

suppose pumping the height of the terrain for Hi, the water pump lift formula is:

H + = Hi hw also means that improve the height of the terrain ( Or container pressure of high temperature heat pump working point and how to adjust) Is always less than the total head of pump, and is part of the energy loss due to pipe consumption.

in the process of using high temperature heat pump, if the device does not produce water, should analyze the reasons for this phenomenon. There are two main reasons:

1, high temperature heat pump speed low

1) Human factors: some users due to damage to the original motor equipped with a motor. The result is less flow of water, low lift, even without water.

2) Mechanical problem of high temperature heat pump, the impeller and the pump shaft fastening nut loose or pump shaft deformation and bending, cause impeller movement more, directly with the pump body friction or damage. On the bearing, may reduce the speed of the water pump.

3) Engine maintenance failure: winding burn out due to the maintenance process, winding circle number, wire diameter, the change of the wiring method or not completely eliminate the maintenance factors caused by the loss will also change the speed of the pump motor.

2, inlet pipe and the air in the pump body

1) High temperature heat pump not filled with water before start. Sometimes seems to have water from the vent overflow, but air discharge without completely turn the pump shaft, which in the feed line or leave a small amount of air in the pump body.

2) The level of the feed line contact with the pump parts should have 0 in reverse flow direction. Down the slope of 5% or more. Connected to one end of the pump inlet should be high, but not completely. If upward tilt, the air will remain in the inlet pipe, reducing pipe and the vacuum pump and water absorption.

3) Use for a long time, after high temperature heat pump gasket has wear or gasket is too loose, resulting in a large number of water from the gasket and the clearance between the water pump shaft sleeve. As a result, the outside air into the pump from the clearance. Effects of water extract.

4) Due to long-term potential underwater corrosion, with a hole on the inlet pipe. work, the continuous decline. When the hole from the water surface emitted, through the air enters the DPP water pipe.

5) Inlet pipe crack of bend, and appear the joint of small gap between inlet pipe and water pump, which may lead to air into the intake pipe.

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