The analysis of the causes of high temperature and screw vacuum pump motor solution _

by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum water pump used to start generating set vacuum packaging, all in the normal operation is used to extract the condenser steam curing. In the summer, the motor temperature exceeds bid, temporary cooling fan was forced to change, but the effect is not very good. Motor running under the high temperature for long time can cause insulation brittle and shorten its service life. Motor is given and the reason of high temperature processing note:

a, fundamental reason:

( 1) Motor with dust and oil pollution and reduce the heat pipe heat dissipation ability.

( 2) Electricity flow in operation of the motor rated power is big, big, big heat.

( 3) Fan speed is low, and the displacement of the pressure.

( 4) The number of fan blade is too little, leading to a small amount of exhaust gas.

( 5) Screw vacuum pump motor bus voltage of 220 v. Due to uneven distribution of pressure drop and load, motor only actually increase 366 v, the voltage is slightly low, resulting in a large number of working current.

2, the preventive measures of treatment:

( 1) Adjust screw vacuum pump of the bus voltage is 350 v.

( 2) Every quarter to eliminate the dust on the screw vacuum water pump motor, keep the motor radiator clean, improve the ability of heat pipe cooling.

( 3) Will the original fan cover extended 50 centimeters, and internally converted a same axial flow fan and fan casing diameter. Axial flow fan motor rated power is 900 w, speed ratio of 1489 r/MLN, working voltage is 220 v. The original fan to save again. Axial flow fan is also on the road with switching power supply, axial flow fan and the main motor interlock. After the screw vacuum pump start-up, immediately start axial flow fan. Puxu vacuum water pump stopped, 40 mn stop axial flow fan, the main motor to receive enough water cooling.

the left and right screw vacuum pump motor is a detailed description of high temperature and handle matters needing attention. If you have any other questions, please warmly welcome your calls.

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